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He’s one of the few home designers that keeps the client on track with both design and budget from start to finish.
Mountain Ash
Thompson Residence
Mark Shattuck designed our custom home and did an outstanding job meeting our needs!
Bramble Front
Kunzer Residence
Mark has designed two homes for us – Mark always came through for us and we would definitely use him again.
Meadowview Front
Stahl Residence
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Why do Most Dream Homes Go Over Budget?

Did you know the vast majority of custom homes go over budget, and many times they go way over budget? This happens because homeowners don’t know how to protect themselves from the costly mistakes built right into today’s custom home industry.  

Hi, I’m Mark Shattuck, founder and CEO of Dream Home Studio, and if you want to avoid the costly nightmare most custom homes become, then you’re really going to like this site.  I’ve created 4 unique services to help you realize your dream home on time, on budget, with no costly surprises. Yes, it can be done! But you must carefully follow these four steps I’ve created:


First, I show you how to avoid the costly mistakes built into the complex process of designing and building a custom home. I’ve created two powerful tools to give you all the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the custom home pitfalls. The first tool I created is the Custom Home Guidebook. It – 

  • reveals the 18 costly mistakes most homeowners make when designing and building their custom homes.  

  • shows you how to interview architects and builders. 

  • shows you the exact steps you must take to achieve an on-budget outcome

I’ve also created the Dream Home Workshop. This is a one-on-one interactive process with me to create your on-budget strategy to align your wish list and budget expectations. The workshop offers 11 vital services to ensure achieve your dream home without costly mistakes and surprises.


Second, I help you buy the right property. One of the first decisions that cause dream homes to go over budget is buying the wrong property. I can help you find the right property that will best fit your wish list and budget expectations. My 28 years of experience in designing custom homes on all shapes and sizes of property will guide you to the property that best fits your budget expectations.


Third, I help you find the right builder. As I’m sure you know, this is a critical piece to your dream home puzzle that you must get right. I can help you find and qualify builders who operate according to my On-Budget Strategy and use the right practices to avoid costly surprises.


Fourth step is to hire me to design your home to fit your budget expectations. This is the most important step to get right because your designs control the cost of building the home. The builder does not control cost. It’s your design and finish selections that control cost. And so, my on-budget strategy helps guide the design and selection process to align with your budget expectations, not blow it up like the vast majority of designs usually do.

But here’s the best offer I have for you. I’m sure all this information is only creating more questions than answers, right?  So, if you’re in the process of designing and building a custom home, then I’m happy to jump on a call with you to hear about your wonderful dream home ideas and help you find the right path to bring it to reality. So, click on the SCHEDULE CALL button below, and I’ll give you the clarity and solutions you need to bring your dream home to reality. 

I look forward to speaking to you!