The "Wall of Glass" Lake Home

Key Points:
  • This custom lake home showcases our modern design capabilities.
  • All living spaces face a 25’ by 30’ wall-of-glass for maximum views and light.
  • This home was designed as a main-and-up plan.
  • Perfect for a stunning view like the 250-degree lake view of this 5-acre property.
  • These images are 3D renderings – the home is currently under construction.

The “Wall of Glass” is a masterpiece in modern architecture by Mark Shattuck, a unique exploration of space, light, and extraordinary vistas. This design captures the essence of living in harmony with nature while presenting a contemporary aesthetic. The living spaces, thoughtfully oriented towards a breathtaking 25’ by 30’ wall of glass, are treated to an immersive panorama, ensuring maximum daylight and uninterrupted views.

A key element of this design is the ‘main-and-up’ plan. This concept has been employed to not just optimize space, but to also amplify the aesthetic and functional utility of the property. This type of design offers a seamless blend of privacy and openness. The main level, with its sprawling open floor plan, takes full advantage of the dazzling 250-degree lake view. The upper level then complements this layout with its more private quarters, ensuring a harmonious blend of shared and personal spaces.

This lakeside home is ideally situated on a 5-acre property, making the most of the dramatic landscape. With such a substantial expanse of land, the lake view is absolutely phenomenal, especially as seen through the expansive glass wall. The majesty of the surrounding nature is brought into the home, creating an interplay of indoor and outdoor spaces that’s simply awe-inspiring.

At this stage, the “Wall of Glass” home is still under construction. However, the 3D renderings illustrate the uniqueness of the design. They reveal a vision that is not just about building a house, but crafting an experience, a lifestyle. The result is a modern lake home that celebrates its surroundings while serving as a testament to innovative design. It’s more than just a house; it’s the seamless blending of architecture and nature, promising a tranquil retreat and an extraordinary living experience.

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