Our Services

At Dream Home Studio, we offer four distinct services. These services will help you create your custom dream home on budget, on time, with no costly surprises.

Guidebook & Workshop

The Custom Home Guidebook and Workshop is a step-by-step resource which will reveal exactly how to achieve your custom home on time and on budget.

Property Selection

Finding a property with the best view to fit your Custom Dream Home can be tricky. We can help you evaluate, plan, and select the right property for your home.

Builder Selection

Selecting a builder and signing the right contracts is key. We can help you in the interview and selection process to make sure you have the right builder contracts, structure, and protection you deserve.

Architectural Design

Creating your vision of your custom dream home and turning it into reality is what we do. We can create a design that is beautiful and functional. All this while staying in your desired budget and timeline.