Alpharetta & Milton GA Builder Spotlight: New River Building Co

New River Building Co, a distinguished custom home builder, has positioned itself as the premier choice for personalized homes in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia. Over the years, the company has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail. With a committed and experienced team, New River Building Co creates living spaces that not only embody the distinct vision of each homeowner but also blend harmoniously with the unique characteristics of the Alpharetta and Milton landscapes.

The company stands out for its adaptive approach, which involves actively listening to clients’ ideas and preferences while integrating their lifestyle needs. Every home that New River Building Co designs is a product of a meticulous process that starts with a detailed discussion of the homeowner’s dreams and ends with a finely crafted, uniquely personalized home. They ensure that every detail, no matter how minute, is executed perfectly, leading to a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. This customer-centric approach has made them a beloved choice in Alpharetta and Milton.

New River Building Co

Moreover, the company’s sustainable practices demonstrate a commitment to the environment, aligning with the green values prevalent in Alpharetta and Milton. New River Building Co consistently incorporates eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies into its custom homes. These practices result in not only environmentally friendly homes, but also homes that offer long-term cost savings to homeowners through reduced energy bills.

In addition to its commitment to sustainability, New River Building Co prioritizes using local resources, contributing to the local economy in Alpharetta and Milton. The company sources most of its building materials from local suppliers, further contributing to the area’s economic growth and community development. This local focus extends to its team of professionals – skilled craftsmen and women who are ingrained in the communities they serve, understanding and respecting the local architectural norms and regional preferences.

New River Building Co

Last but not least, the customer service provided by New River Building Co is second to none. The company believes in fostering a relationship of trust with its clients, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the entire construction process. This includes providing regular updates and being readily available to address any queries or concerns. This open line of communication and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned New River Building Co high praise from residents in both Alpharetta and Milton, further cementing their reputation as the area’s leading custom home builder.

Custom Homes

New River Building Co’s approach to home building revolves around an intimate, bespoke process that is only possible because of their decision to limit the number of custom homes and real estate projects they undertake each year. This selectiveness allows them to fully dedicate their resources, attention, and expertise to each project, ensuring that they meet and surpass their clients’ expectations. By collaborating closely with land developers, architects, interior designers, and trade partners, New River Building Co brings a diverse array of professional perspectives to each project, enhancing the final result with richness and depth.

The inspiration behind New River Building Co is as unique as the homes they create. The company name pays homage to the New River, a timeless waterway that winds its way through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia. This river is a powerful symbol of standing the test of time and being unique despite the mainstream. Raised and enriched by the life around this river, the company seeks to imbue its constructions with the same resilience and distinctiveness that the river embodies.

Custom Homes

At the heart of New River Building Co’s mission is the desire to create homes that serve as a narrative of the homeowner’s life journey. The company sees each home as a theater of memories, where friends and family gather to celebrate, mourn, rest, and grow. Each room is conceived and built with these vivid experiences in mind, offering spaces for laughter, consolation, relaxation, and maturation. The company views the home as a safe haven, a base camp for life’s adventures, where babies grow into adults and set off on their own paths.

Emulating the timeless resilience of the New River, the company aspires to construct homes that stand the test of time. The goal is to create a home that is as unique as its occupants and that remains a comforting constant amid life’s ebb and flow. Just like the river, New River Building Co believes each home should reflect the unique life stories of its inhabitants, making it an enduring testament to a life well lived.

Why Choose New River Building Co

New River Building Co is not just a home builder; they are a partner in the journey of creating your dream home. Recognizing the fact that the process of building a custom home can often be overwhelming and stressful, the company goes the extra mile to make the entire journey enjoyable. Their client-centered approach fosters a collaborative atmosphere where ideas are exchanged freely and where every step of the process is an exciting exploration of potential.

The company’s success lies in the close collaboration between its team and its clients. The mutual understanding and alignment developed during this process lead to an outcome that embodies complete joy and satisfaction. The delight is palpable the moment you walk into your new home, the manifestation of your dreams crafted with precision and care. Each project undertaken by New River is a testament to the shared vision, values, and integrity of its founders, Austin and Elizabeth Lineberry, who have built the company with an unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

Custom Homes

At the core of New River Building Co’s operation is the recognition that they are stewards of their clients’ time, money, and investment. The company takes this responsibility seriously and strives to serve its clients well in all aspects of their projects. Every project undertaken is an investment entrusted to them, and they diligently ensure that it is managed effectively to provide the maximum return in terms of quality and satisfaction.

New River Building Co’s mission statement, “Creating beautiful, enduring spaces where families thrive,” encapsulates their dedication and commitment. The company isn’t just building houses; it’s creating spaces for life’s most precious moments. Each custom home they create is not merely a dwelling but an enduring space where families can thrive, grow, and create memories that last a lifetime. Every brick laid, every plank nailed is done with the vision of creating a backdrop for the beautiful tapestry of family life.

History and Tradition

The story of New River Building Co is deeply intertwined with the personal journey of its founders, Austin and Elizabeth Lineberry. The roots of the company trace back to the serene banks of the New River in Grayson County, Virginia, where Austin’s connection to nature and landscapes was fostered. It was in the cradle of these idyllic settings, at Camp Dickenson nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the New River, that Austin and Elizabeth first crossed paths as counselors. The shared experience soon blossomed into love, leading to their marriage and a new life in Atlanta.

The path to becoming a custom home builder was charted when Austin was introduced to the building business by Elizabeth’s father, Ted Andrews, a seasoned custom builder. Under Ted’s mentorship, Austin quickly grasped the nuances of the trade, learning valuable lessons that would shape his future career. Even after Ted’s untimely passing, Austin continued to build on the knowledge he gained, completing over 80 homes for Northstar Homes and collaborating on various projects.

Custom Homes

A turning point in Austin’s career came in 2011 when he was tasked with constructing a multi-million dollar equine estate alongside Leonard Jacklett. The success of their partnership and their burgeoning reputation as high-end builders opened up new avenues. Their collaborative efforts extended over the next four years, creating distinguished homes on private tracts of land and in prestigious subdivisions.

The cumulative experience and skills Austin gained propelled him towards his ultimate career path, constructing high-end custom homes and estates. Elizabeth, armed with her expertise as a pediatric nurse, her artistic eye, and her design skills, had always nurtured a dream of creating unique, custom homes alongside Austin. This dream was realized on New Year’s Day in 2016, when they broke ground on a modern farmhouse in Milton, Georgia. This moment marked the inception of New River Building Co, a culmination of their shared passion, experience, and the deep love for their craft.

Builder’s Legacy

The legacy of New River Building Co is rooted in a unique combination of passion, craftsmanship, and deep respect for the values instilled by its founders, Austin and Elizabeth Lineberry. The company’s name pays homage to the New River, which shaped Austin’s upbringing, embodying an indomitable spirit that refuses to flow in the direction of the norm. This spirit reflects in the company’s ethos, as they endeavor to create custom homes that stand out for their individuality and aesthetic appeal.

Over the years, New River Building Co has built a reputation for delivering high-end, quality homes that demonstrate the company’s keen attention to detail, superb craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. The homes they construct are not merely structures but lasting legacies of their clients’ dreams and aspirations. They are living spaces that tell the stories of the people who reside within their walls, spaces that become part of the memories made and cherished over generations.

Builder's Legacy

The legacy of New River Building Co is also about the relationships they forge. With their client-centric approach, the company places significant emphasis on joining clients in their journey of creating their dream homes. They view the building process as a collaborative effort where the client’s vision is paramount, ensuring that the final product truly reflects the client’s unique preferences and lifestyle.

Moreover, the New River Building Co legacy is marked by its commitment to sustainability and stewardship. The company understands that building a home is an investment, not just financially but also in terms of the environment. As such, they incorporate eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient technologies in their builds, ensuring the homes are as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful.

In essence, the legacy of New River Building Co is about creating more than just homes. It’s about creating spaces that endure and evolve with the families that inhabit them, about upholding strong, sustainable building practices, and about fostering deep, lasting relationships with clients. The legacy is about leaving a lasting imprint on the landscape, on the lives of the clients, and on the communities they serve.

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