Alpharetta & Milton GA Builder Spotlight: Stone Column Properties

Renowned in the realms of luxury real estate and custom-built homes, Stone Column Properties has established a reputation as the leading custom home builder in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia. This reputation has been solidified through the creation of unique, quality homes that blend innovative architectural design with superior craftsmanship. For over a decade, Stone Column Properties has been pushing the boundaries of home building, helping residents of Alpharetta and Milton live in homes that not only meet their needs but are also emblematic of their personal styles and tastes.

Stone Column Properties distinguishes itself through its commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Their team of experienced professionals guides homeowners through the entire process, from land acquisition and architectural design to construction and interior design. The firm’s detailed process assures the highest levels of quality and service are maintained from concept to completion. As a result, Stone Column Properties has become a trusted name in the Alpharetta and Milton community, with many homeowners proudly living in Stone Column homes.

Stone Column Properties

A distinct aspect that places Stone Column Properties above other home builders in the area is their innovative approach to design. With a team of in-house architects and designers, the firm ensures that every home is a unique representation of its owner’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Not limited to a specific architectural style, Stone Column designs range from the contemporary and sleek to the traditional and elegant. This wide array of options combined with the firm’s ability to personalize designs has made them a preferred choice among discerning homeowners.

Their sustainable building practices set Stone Column Properties apart as well. The firm takes seriously its responsibility to the environment and is committed to incorporating eco-friendly materials and techniques in its building practices. From energy-efficient appliances and systems to the use of locally sourced, sustainable materials, Stone Column is paving the way for responsible, green homebuilding in the Alpharetta and Milton regions.

Stone Column Properties

Moreover, Stone Column Properties’ strong community involvement speaks volumes about their commitment to the local area. They actively participate in community projects and support local businesses, which amplifies their connection with the residents of Alpharetta and Milton. By investing back into the community, Stone Column Properties demonstrates that their focus extends beyond building homes — they are committed to building a better, stronger community.

In terms of experience, Stone Column Properties has an impressive track record. They have completed numerous projects, each one a testament to their commitment to perfection, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a team that is rich in experience and skills, they ensure that every home is built to the highest standards, providing a seamless and stress-free process for the clients. From the first draft of the blueprint to the final finishing touches, Stone Column Properties exhibits unrivaled expertise and professionalism.

Builder’s Philosophy

One of the greatest strengths of Stone Column Properties is their comprehensive approach to custom home building. Equipped with the resources and skilled team necessary, they can expertly handle your project from design to completion. Their professional crew of architects, interior designers, and construction workers work harmoniously together, ensuring a seamless process that results in a stunning, well-constructed home. Every project is approached with the same degree of enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail, regardless of its scale or complexity. The end result is a home that truly reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs.

Stone Column Properties prides itself on its customer-centric philosophy. They believe in listening to their customers, understanding their unique needs and vision, and then exceeding these expectations through their superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The company’s ultimate goal is to create a space where customers feel at home and proud of the property they’ve invested in. It’s this commitment to understanding and meeting client needs that has helped Stone Column Properties deliver consistently outstanding results.

Stone Column Properties

An equally impressive strength of Stone Column Properties is their commitment to completing projects on time and within budget. The team understands that homeowners value both time and money, so they plan and manage each project efficiently, without compromising on the quality of work. They keep homeowners informed at every stage, ensuring transparency and trust. This professional project management approach not only contributes to customer satisfaction but also maintains the integrity of the company’s commitment to deliver a high standard of work.

Furthermore, Stone Column Properties’ thriving business is largely built on customer referrals and repeat business, which is a testament to their impeccable service and quality of work. They foster strong relationships with each client, providing personalized service, and maintaining open communication lines long after the project is completed. This emphasis on building strong customer relationships not only guarantees a high degree of client satisfaction but also promotes a level of trust that leads to repeat business and valuable referrals.

Stone Column Properties

Lastly, Stone Column Properties believes in establishing lasting relationships, striving to be more than just a one-time contractor. Their goal is to become your contractor for life, ensuring that your home always remains as beautiful and functional as the day it was built. Their post-construction services, responsive customer care, and commitment to client satisfaction all serve to build a strong bond with their clients. These enduring relationships have solidified Stone Column Properties’ standing as a reliable and trustworthy custom home builder in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia.

Stone Column Properties

Stone Column Properties has a rich history that is rooted in the experience and dedication of its owner, Brent Leibee. With over 30 years of experience in the field and hundreds of homes under his belt, Brent brings an unparalleled level of expertise and vision to the company. His journey in home building began in 1986, starting as a humble trim carpenter. He then moved on to work with Owings and Terry, a large volume builder in Atlanta, where he managed the completion of hundreds of homes from 1988 to 1993. This marked the beginning of Brent’s deep dive into the world of construction and home building, providing him with the practical experience that would later shape the ethos of Stone Column Properties.

In 1993, Brent joined Hedgewood Properties, where he had the opportunity to construct homes across North Fulton, Gwinnet, and Forsyth counties. He rapidly climbed the ranks to become the Vice President of Construction, where he effectively managed an expansive construction team and a substantial network of subcontractors. This experience honed his leadership and project management skills, preparing him for the significant step he would take in 2008.

Stone Column Properties

The formation of Stone Column Properties in 2008 marked a significant milestone in Brent’s career. The company, under his leadership, now specializes in building custom homes, including both pre-sale and market homes. But the firm’s capabilities extend beyond residential construction; Stone Column Properties also undertakes light commercial projects and a diverse range of residential remodeling tasks, from constructing pools and wine cellars to finishing basements.

Quality construction and unmatched customer service form the bedrock of Brent’s approach at Stone Column Properties. His goal for every project is to turn his clients’ dreams into reality, all within a budget that they are comfortable with. Brent’s vast experience, coupled with his client-first approach, has allowed Stone Column Properties to maintain a reputation of excellence and reliability in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia. With such a deep-rooted story and a commitment to superior service, Stone Column Properties stands as a testament to Brent’s dedication to his craft and his customers.

Alpharetta & Milton Custom Home Communities

Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia, are home to some of the most luxurious and exclusive custom home communities in the state. These communities are renowned for their elegance, beauty, and superior quality of living. The real estate landscape in these areas is characterized by expansive lots, lush greenery, beautiful landscaping, and stunning views, providing a serene and upscale setting that is ideal for those seeking a tranquil yet luxurious lifestyle.

In Alpharetta, neighborhoods such as The Manor Golf and Country Club, Windward, and Ellard stand out as some of the most prestigious luxury home communities. These gated communities feature custom homes with state-of-the-art amenities, meticulously manicured lawns, and private recreational facilities like golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools. Many of the homes in these communities are designed and constructed by esteemed builders like Stone Column Properties, who are known for their commitment to quality, architectural innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Alpharetta & Milton Custom Home Communities

Similarly, Milton boasts a variety of luxury home communities that exude charm and elegance. White Columns, ManorView, and Blue Valley are among the neighborhoods known for their grand custom-built homes and community amenities. Residents enjoy a unique blend of sophisticated suburban living and a rich, rural ambiance. Homes in these areas are often set on large, secluded plots, with plenty of outdoor space for children to play and adults to enjoy the Georgian sun.

Many of the custom homes in Alpharetta and Milton feature unique architectural designs, ranging from traditional Georgian styles to sleek, modern designs. Inside, these homes often boast high ceilings, spacious open-plan living spaces, chef’s kitchens with high-end appliances, master suites with spa-like bathrooms, and custom features that cater to the homeowner’s specific desires and needs.

The luxury home communities in Alpharetta and Milton also provide residents with access to top-tier schools, excellent dining options, high-end shopping destinations, and various recreational facilities. This, combined with the sense of community and safety that these neighborhoods offer, makes them highly sought after by families and individuals who value a high standard of living.

Overall, the custom home and luxury home communities in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia, offer an exceptional living experience. Whether it’s the quality of the homes, the plethora of amenities, or the beautiful, tranquil surroundings, these communities represent some of the best in luxury living.

Alpharetta & Milton Living

Living in Alpharetta and Milton, Georgia, offers an incredible balance of southern charm and modern amenities. Both cities provide a unique blend of suburban comfort, beautiful landscapes, and a strong sense of community that’s truly special.

Imagine starting your day with a jog through some of the most beautiful parks and trails you’ve ever seen, like those found at Wills Park in Alpharetta or Bell Memorial Park in Milton. You’re surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes that make every day feel like a vacation. And speaking of vacations, the Chattahoochee River, just a short drive away, is the perfect spot for weekend canoeing or kayaking trips.

Alpharetta & Milton Living

Education is also a major draw for families looking to move to Alpharetta and Milton. The schools here are part of the highly acclaimed Fulton County School System, recognized for its emphasis on academic excellence and innovative programs. The cities are also home to several top-notch private schools, offering a wide range of educational opportunities.

Both Alpharetta and Milton offer a vibrant culinary scene, filled with an array of dining options. Whether you’re in the mood for a farm-to-table experience, craving international cuisine, or looking for a cozy coffee shop, you’ll find it all here. And let’s not forget about the regular farmers markets, where you can buy fresh, locally grown produce.

When it comes to shopping and entertainment, Avalon in Alpharetta is a standout. This upscale, mixed-use development offers high-end retail stores, a wide selection of restaurants, a movie theater, and even a concert venue. For those interested in arts and culture, the Alpharetta Arts Center and the Milton Theatre offer a variety of performances and exhibitions year-round.

Safety is another key aspect of living in Alpharetta and Milton. Both cities are known for their low crime rates and active community policing, providing peace of mind to residents. Moreover, the close-knit communities foster a welcoming and warm environment, where neighbors look out for each other and friendships are easily made.

Indeed, life in Alpharetta and Milton is about more than just upscale living; it’s about enjoying a high quality of life. The cities offer a lifestyle that’s rooted in community, enriched by nature, and blessed with modern conveniences. For those who want a mix of suburban tranquility and city-like amenities, Alpharetta and Milton are perfect choices.

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