Best 15 Luxury Home Builders in Tennessee

Welcome to the ultimate guide on finding the top builders across the beautiful state of Tennessee! Whether you’re dreaming of a quaint cottage nestled in the Smoky Mountains, a sleek urban condo in the bustling streets of Nashville, or a sprawling commercial space that’s as innovative as it is inviting, you’ve come to the right place. Tennessee’s building landscape is as diverse and rich as its cultural heritage, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant communities, and booming economic opportunities. In this guide, we’re diving deep into the world of construction to spotlight the craftsmen who are shaping Tennessee’s future, one stunning project at a time.


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Imagine finding a builder who not only understands your vision but also brings it to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and precision. That’s what the best builders in Tennessee do every day. From the majestic peaks of the Appalachians to the lively neighborhoods of Memphis, these builders combine local knowledge, innovative techniques, and a deep commitment to quality and sustainability. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the top 15 builders in the Volunteer State, known for their excellence in crafting spaces that people love to call home.

What Makes a Builder the “Best”?


Quality of Workmanship

At the heart of every great building project is the quality of workmanship. The best builders in Tennessee understand that superior construction goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about using high-quality materials, paying attention to every detail, and employing innovative techniques that ensure durability and beauty for generations. These builders stand out because they refuse to cut corners, and their projects stand as testaments to their dedication to excellence.

Customer Satisfaction

Another hallmark of top builders is their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. These professionals go the extra mile to ensure their clients are not just satisfied, but thrilled with the outcome of their projects. This means maintaining clear and open lines of communication, offering personalized solutions, and ensuring the final product reflects the client’s vision and needs. After all, a happy customer is the best endorsement a builder can receive.

Awards and Recognitions

When a builder receives industry awards and recognitions, it’s a clear indicator of their commitment to excellence. These accolades are not just trophies on a shelf; they represent a builder’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, innovation, and customer service. Whether it’s a local award for best residential project or a national recognition for sustainable building practices, these honors help set the best builders apart from the rest.

The Top 15 Builders in Tennessee

1. Mountain High Builders

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Specializing in creating custom homes that harmonize with Tennessee’s breathtaking landscapes, Mountain High Builders has been turning dreams into reality for over 20 years. With a focus on sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs, they have successfully completed over 200 projects in the Smoky Mountains region, each uniquely tailored to enhance its natural surroundings.

2. Brown Haven Homes

In the heart of Tennessee’s music capital, Brown Haven Homes is redefining urban living. With a portfolio that includes over 100 innovative projects, this builder is known for its sleek, sustainable designs that not only look stunning but also contribute to the city’s green building movement. From luxury condos to cutting-edge commercial spaces, Brown Haven Homes is at the forefront of modern construction in Music City.

3. Construction Force LLC

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Championing the restoration and modernization of Tennessee’s historic homes and buildings, Construction Force LLC prides itself on preserving the city’s rich history while infusing modern comfort and efficiency. With over 30 years of experience and a portfolio that includes the renovation of more than 50 historic properties, they are experts in blending old-world charm with contemporary living standards.

4. Red River Homes LLC


Focused on eco-friendly and sustainable building practices, Red River Homes LLC is leading the way in green construction in Eastern Tennessee. With over 100 sustainable homes built to date, each project is designed with energy efficiency, water conservation, and minimal environmental impact in mind. Their innovative use of renewable materials and technologies has set them apart as pioneers in the field.

5. Hallmark Building Group, Inc.

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Specializing in urban renewal projects, Hallmark Building Group, Inc. transform underutilized city spaces into vibrant, community-focused areas. With a portfolio that includes over 20 mixed-use developments, they’re known for their ability to create spaces that foster community, culture, and commerce. Their work in revitalizing downtown Chattanooga has earned them numerous awards and recognition.

6. Gregg Homebuilding Company

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The Gregg Homebuilding Company have made a name for themselves with their stunning residential properties that offer both luxury and harmony with the natural surroundings of the Smoky Mountains. With over 25 years in the business, they’ve built over 150 homes, each reflecting the beauty and serenity of their mountain settings. Their craftsmanship and dedication to client satisfaction have made them a preferred builder in the region.

7. The Marcato Group

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The Marcato Group specializes in creating beautiful, family-friendly residences in one of Tennessee’s most sought-after communities. With a focus on functional design and quality construction, they have completed over 200 homes in the Franklin area, each designed to meet the unique needs of modern families. Their commitment to building homes that last a lifetime has earned them a loyal following.

8. Legend Homes

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Leading the skyline evolution in Nashville, Legend Homes focus on luxurious, high-rise residential and commercial buildings. With a portfolio that boasts of constructing over 15 high-rises in the last decade, they’re shaping Nashville’s urban landscape. Their projects are renowned for their innovative design, luxury amenities, and panoramic views of the city.

9. Nova Constructors

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With a knack for crafting bespoke homes that perfectly fit their owners’ visions, Nova Constructors has been a go-to builder in Eastern Tennessee for over two decades. Specializing in custom designs, they have completed over 120 unique homes, each showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the homeowner’s individuality. Their portfolio, which demonstrates a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary.

10. Metz Custom Homes

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Metz Custom Homes are experts in creating the ultimate vacation homes and rentals in and around Gatlinburg. With over 30 years of experience and more than 200 properties under their belt, they specialize in luxurious yet cozy retreats that capitalize on the stunning views and natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Their commitment to creating memorable getaway homes has made them a favorite among investors and families alike.

11. River City Renovators

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Based in Memphis, River City Renovators have carved out a niche in transforming aged and historic properties into modern, functional spaces without losing their original charm. With a portfolio that includes over 75 renovated properties, they are passionate about preserving the rich architectural history of Memphis while making it suitable for today’s use. Their projects span residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties, each with a story to tell.

12. Providence Group

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Providence Group are pioneers in sustainable and eco-friendly construction in the region. With a strong emphasis on reducing environmental impact, they have delivered over 50 LEED-certified projects, ranging from private homes to commercial buildings. Their innovative use of green technologies and sustainable materials has set new standards for environmentally conscious construction in Tennessee.

13. RL Builders

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Bringing contemporary architecture to Nashville’s residential scene, RL Builders have been at the forefront of modern home design for the past 15 years. With over 80 modern homes built, they combine the latest trends in architecture with cutting-edge technology to create homes that are as beautiful as they are functional. Their portfolio, which features a stunning array of modernist designs.

14. Stewart Knowles Construction

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Specializing in the age-old craft of timber framing, Stewart Knowles Construction offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, constructing homes that are not only structurally sound but also incredibly beautiful. With more than 100 timber frame homes across the state, they use locally sourced wood to create structures that are both sustainable and steeped in Tennessee’s building traditions.

15. The Tant Companies LLC

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The Tant Companies LLC are dedicated to rejuvenating Tennessee’s urban cores, focusing on sustainable development and revitalization projects in Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga. With over 20 significant projects completed, they aim to foster community development through mixed-use developments that encourage living, working, and playing in urban settings. Their innovative approach to urban renewal has garnered widespread acclaim, making them a key player in Tennessee’s urban future.

Why Build in Tennessee?

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The Economic Landscape

Tennessee’s economy is booming, attracting businesses and residents alike with its low cost of living and favorable tax environment. With no state income tax and a commitment to economic development, Tennessee offers a fertile ground for both residential and commercial construction projects. This economic landscape has led to a surge in demand for quality construction, making it an opportune time for anyone looking to build their dream home or expand their business in the Volunteer State.

The Beauty of the State

The natural beauty of Tennessee is unmatched, from the rolling hills and lush forests of the countryside to the vibrant urban landscapes of its cities. This diversity not only offers endless possibilities for custom construction projects but also ensures that each build can take advantage of the unique features of its surroundings. Whether it’s a cabin in the Smokies with breathtaking mountain views or a modern downtown loft in Nashville, Tennessee’s beauty provides the perfect backdrop for any construction project.

Community and Culture

Tennessee is known for its warm, welcoming communities and rich cultural heritage. From the blues of Memphis to the country music halls of Nashville, the state boasts a vibrant cultural scene that influences the design and construction of new buildings. Building in Tennessee means becoming part of a community that values tradition, creativity, and innovation, making it an ideal place for projects that reflect the unique character and history of the area.

Navigating the Building Process in Tennessee

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Embarking on a construction project in Tennessee is an exciting venture, but it comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. From obtaining the necessary permits to understanding local zoning regulations, it’s important to choose a builder with experience navigating the state’s building process. Knowledgeable builders can help streamline the process, ensuring that your project meets all local requirements and is completed on time and within budget. Partnering with a builder who understands the ins and outs of Tennessee’s construction landscape can make all the difference in turning your vision into reality.


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Choosing the right builder for your construction project in Tennessee is crucial. The top builders in the state bring a combination of craftsmanship, customer service, and local expertise to the table, ensuring the success of any project. Whether you’re looking to build a home that will be cherished for generations or embark on a commercial venture that sets new industry standards, these builders have the skills and knowledge to bring your dreams to life. Ready to start your construction journey in Tennessee? Reach out to the builders featured in this guide and take the first step towards realizing your vision.

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