Buckhead Builder Spotlight: Storey Custom Homes

Storey Custom Homes has carved out a distinctive niche for itself in the bustling real estate landscape of Buckhead, Georgia. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and an unrelenting commitment to quality, this home builder has rightfully earned its spot among the Top 12 Custom Home Builders in the area. What sets them apart is not just their knack for architectural innovation, but also their holistic approach to homebuilding. They understand that a house is not merely a structure; it’s a sanctuary that mirrors the personalities and lifestyles of the people who inhabit it.

This expertise shines through in the breadth of their portfolio. From contemporary to classic styles, Storey Custom Homes brings a kind of versatility that appeals to a wide range of homebuyers. They effortlessly combine modern amenities with traditional elements, creating homes that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. With an emphasis on customization, they go above and beyond to ensure that each home is a reflection of its owner’s tastes and requirements.

Storey Custom Homes

It’s not just their technical prowess that sets them apart; it’s also their customer-centric approach. Building a custom home is an intimate journey, one that involves numerous decisions and considerable investment. Recognizing this, Storey Custom Homes engages closely with its clients, walking them through each stage of the construction process, from the initial sketches to the final walk-through. Their exemplary customer service ensures a seamless and enjoyable homebuilding experience, which speaks volumes about their standing in the community.

Moreover, their reputation for reliability is further bolstered by their commitment to using only high-quality materials and employing skilled craftspeople. Storey Custom Homes understands that excellence doesn’t happen by accident; it’s a culmination of careful planning, skillful execution, and an unwavering dedication to achieving the client’s vision. In a market as competitive as Buckhead, it’s no small feat to consistently deliver projects that meet, and often exceed, customer expectations, but that’s precisely what Storey Custom Homes does.

Storey Custom Homes

The accolades and positive customer testimonials Storey Custom Homes receives are a testament to their mastery in the custom homebuilding arena. They’re not just building homes; they’re crafting lasting experiences and relationships, solidifying their position as one of Buckhead, Georgia’s most distinguished custom home builders. Their exemplary work continues to elevate the standard of luxury and sophistication in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the state.


When it comes to crafting homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally brilliant, Storey Custom Homes stands out as an industry leader. Their philosophy centers around designing and building homes that complement your lifestyle, the community, and the unique characteristics of each lot. This nuanced approach results in homes that are not just beautiful to look at but also incredible to live in. The attention to detail starts at the design stage, where they collaborate closely with clients, involving them in important decisions about amenities and design features. This is a transparent process that also includes open discussions about cost implications, ensuring that homeowners are well-informed every step of the way.

Storey Custom Homes

Another feather in Storey Custom Homes’ cap is their lineage. Founded by Danny Storey and his son Kevin in 1998, the family-owned business represents a culmination of extensive construction experience, spanning both heavy industrial and residential sectors. Danny, a graduate from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology and a past registered professional civil engineer, brings in his acute technical acumen. Kevin, a third-generation home builder, adds to this with his insights gained from Auburn University’s School of Business. Rounding out the team is Kipley Storey Morrow, Danny’s daughter, who manages administrative and sales operations with a business degree from Auburn University. It’s this synergy of educational backgrounds and hands-on experience that enables the Storey family to offer clients more than 60 years of combined construction expertise.

With a track record that includes crafting quality custom homes in some of Atlanta’s most prestigious neighborhoods—such as Sugarloaf Country Club, the River Club in Gwinnett County, and Echelon in Alpharetta—Storey Custom Homes is a name synonymous with excellence. As the lead builder in Sugarloaf Country Club, they’ve been instrumental in the construction of over 50 homes in the community. Their accolades and awards in the home-building industry reflect the inherent pride they take in every home built. This isn’t surprising when you consider their long-standing commitment to structured consistency and efficient planning, which allows them to deliver personal service and high-quality homes that exceed expectations.

Storey Custom Homes

Storey Custom Homes isn’t just about building houses; they’re about creating homes that stand the test of time. Functionality and beauty come together in every project, thanks to their design/build approach. Whether they’re offering design assistance or building from an existing plan, the end goal remains the same: to create homes that are in harmony with the homeowner’s lifestyle, the community’s ambiance, and the unique features of the individual lot. This results in homes that are both distinctive and enduring, showcasing gracious design, comfortable living, and unparalleled quality in every corner.


Storey Custom Homes has firmly established itself as a leading figure in the custom home building industry, particularly in the Atlanta area. Hailing from a family firm, they’ve cultivated a reputation for not only delivering high-quality, luxury homes but also offering outstanding personal service. This balance of exceptional craftsmanship and customer care sets them apart in a competitive market. Their structured consistency and efficient planning are the cornerstones of this excellent service, ensuring that every homeowner feels attended to and every project moves smoothly from conception to completion.

Storey Custom Homes

The hallmark of Storey Custom Homes lies in their designs—distinctive and timeless. This is no small feat, considering that home trends can often be fickle and change from year to year. Yet, homes built by Storey Custom Homes possess an enduring appeal, a blend of classic and modern elements that stand the test of time. Their knack for creating homes that resonate with a wide range of aesthetic tastes without compromising on functionality is something that distinguishes them from others in the field.

One of the key elements that contribute to their success is the personalized service they offer to each client. When you’re building a custom home, the process can seem daunting. But the team at Storey Custom Homes knows how to guide you through it effortlessly, thanks to their structured approach and meticulous planning. They listen to your vision, integrate it with their expert knowledge, and bring it to life in a way that not only meets but often exceeds expectations.

Storey Custom Homes

So, when you opt for Storey Custom Homes, you’re choosing a builder that understands the gravity of the investment you’re making—both emotional and financial. You’re choosing a partner committed to turning your vision into reality, one who ensures the journey is as extraordinary as the final outcome. Their longstanding reputation for designing and building homes that are both distinctive and timeless makes them not just a choice but an excellent one for anyone seeking to create a dream home that will last for generations.


Storey Custom Homes has made a name for itself by delivering not just aesthetic beauty and functional design, but also intrinsic value. One of the pillars of their business model is the use of the latest design techniques, top-tier materials, and cutting-edge fixtures. What really elevates their work is the team of experienced professionals they employ to install these components. By ensuring that each aspect of the home is handled by experts in the field, Storey Custom Homes guarantees a quality build that doesn’t just meet but often surpasses industry standards.

Storey Custom Homes

But it’s not just about the immediate visual impact or functional utility of the home; it’s also about long-term value optimization. By marrying design elements with quality materials and efficient engineering, Storey Custom Homes creates structures that aren’t just homes but also valuable investments. The consideration of longevity—how a home will stand up not just to daily wear and tear but also to shifting trends—is a hallmark of their approach. It’s one thing to build a beautiful home; it’s another entirely to build a beautiful home that will also accrue value over time, and Storey Custom Homes excels at doing just that.

It’s this focus on value that provides an added layer of assurance to clients. Building a home is a significant financial undertaking, and it’s reassuring to know that your investment is in capable hands. Storey Custom Homes understands that a home is more than just a place to live—it’s also a long-term investment, an asset that should grow in value. By emphasizing quality at each stage—from design to materials to installation—they ensure that each home they build is not just a personal sanctuary but also a sound financial decision.

Storey Custom Homes

All these factors culminate in creating homes that are not just beautiful and functional but also optimized for value, making Storey Custom Homes a standout choice for those looking to invest in quality, durability, and enduring appeal. With such a comprehensive and thoughtful approach, it’s no wonder they have established themselves as a go-to custom home builder.


When it comes to prime locations for building your dream home in metropolitan Atlanta, Storey Custom Homes is incredibly well-positioned. The firm’s expertise isn’t just confined to one or two high-end neighborhoods; they have a wide reach that includes some of the most sought-after communities in the area, including Brookhaven, Milton, Johns Creek, Suwanee, and Duluth. This wide-ranging footprint means that they’re not just familiar with diverse types of land and community regulations, but they’re also adept at tailoring homes to the specific vibe and aesthetics of each location. Their site team is available to either discuss plans on your existing lot or assist you in selecting the perfect lot, making them a convenient one-stop-shop for potential homeowners.

Storey Custom Homes

Their reputation as a premier custom home builder is already on full display in various upscale communities. If you want to gauge their craftsmanship firsthand, you only need to visit places like Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, The River Club in Suwanee, or Echelon in Alpharetta. These communities showcase the diverse range of Storey Custom Homes’ abilities, from luxurious mansions set against the backdrop of rolling greens to contemporary homes that exude understated elegance. The homes they build aren’t just isolated structures; they’re integral parts of the communities they inhabit, reflecting the local culture while also elevating it.

But it’s not just the visible craftsmanship that sets Storey Custom Homes apart; it’s also their deep understanding of the nuanced factors that come with each location. Every community has its own set of guidelines, cultural norms, and lifestyle features, and a great custom home builder must consider these elements to create homes that are not just beautiful but also harmonious with their surroundings. Storey Custom Homes excels at this, creating homes that are in perfect sync with their environment, be it the serene opulence of The River Club or the dynamic energy of Brookhaven. It’s this local expertise, coupled with their widespread presence, that makes them one of metropolitan Atlanta’s premier custom home builders.

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