Builder Spotlight: Bost Custom Homes

Over the years, Bost Custom Homes has demonstrated a consistent commitment to exceptional quality and service that has deservedly placed them amongst the Top 20 Luxury Builders in the USA. This achievement can be attributed to their bespoke approach to homebuilding, delivering a unique blend of design aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability in every project. The company is committed to creating luxurious spaces that reflect the lifestyle and personality of their clients. Bost Custom Homes’ devotion to luxury can be witnessed in the intricate details and meticulous craftsmanship present in each home they build.

A key distinguishing aspect of Bost Custom Homes is their innovation in architecture and interior design. The company doesn’t settle for conventional designs; instead, it consistently pushes the boundaries, integrating the latest technologies and industry trends. Such innovation is clearly evident in the smart, energy-efficient homes they construct that merge functionality with luxury. These smart homes feature state-of-the-art home automation systems, superior energy performance, and luxurious aesthetics that define a new standard for upscale living.

Bost Custom Homes

Their commitment to client satisfaction is another reason why Bost Custom Homes occupies a position among the top luxury home builders in the country. They engage in a thorough, collaborative process with clients, ensuring their vision is impeccably translated into reality. This customer-centric approach involves the clients in every step of the building process, from conceptualization to finishing touches, providing a personalized experience that goes above and beyond the norm in the industry.

Moreover, Bost Custom Homes’ commitment to sustainable building practices has also set them apart from their competitors. They implement a range of environmentally-friendly techniques and materials in their construction process, demonstrating a respect for the environment as well as a commitment to long-term sustainability. Such practices do not only appeal to eco-conscious clients but also enhance the overall quality and efficiency of their homes, contributing to their reputation as a top luxury builder.

Bost Custom Homes

The team at Bost Custom Homes also contributes significantly to the company’s success and acclaim. Their team is comprised of skilled artisans, experienced architects, and dedicated project managers, all working harmoniously to deliver unparalleled luxury homes. The team’s expertise and dedication are evident in the flawless execution and outstanding quality of each project, reflecting why Bost Custom Homes continues to be recognized as one of the Top 20 Luxury Builders in the USA.


Bost Custom Homes, in their pursuit of building top-tier homes, relies heavily on the strength of their team. They recognize the intrinsic strengths and weaknesses of each team member and assemble systems that maximize individual potential, leading to greater efficiency and accuracy. For their clients, this team approach means improved communication and transparency throughout the design, selection, and entire building process. Bost Custom Homes’ team of design and building professionals are dedicated to providing superior service and valuable guidance, ensuring every important decision is well-informed and deliberate.

Bost Custom Homes

The company’s mission is centered around the idea of building the highest quality custom homes and providing clients with an unrivaled positive experience. It is a testament to their commitment to excellence and focus on customer satisfaction. Their vision complements this mission as they strive for excellence in all areas of their organization, underpinned by integrity, innovation, and calculated execution. It is this relentless pursuit of excellence that sets Bost Custom Homes apart from its competitors.

Bost Custom Homes operates under guiding principles that set the tone for its operations. Quality is paramount to them – they construct aesthetically pleasing, resilient homes that exceed client expectations. Teamwork forms the foundation of their approach, fostering a culture of mutual encouragement and assistance to better serve clients and achieve their goals. Integrity is another critical tenet; they prioritize doing the right thing, irrespective of its difficulty or visibility.

Bost Custom Homes

Relationship-building is at the heart of Bost Custom Homes’ operations, where they seek to form positive relationships with all they encounter. Their principle of stewardship signifies their pride in resource conservation and the high responsibility they undertake in managing their clients’ investment. Innovation is celebrated at Bost Custom Homes, as they continually lead their industry with new ideas, always pursuing the future of home technology and building science. And finally, they embrace artistry, inspiring their clients and the community with their creative and functional designs. The amalgamation of these principles truly embodies the ethos of Bost Custom Homes and contributes significantly to their success as a leading custom home builder.


Rex Bost, the founder of Bost Custom Homes, initiated his journey in the custom home building market in 1986. Transitioning from the owner of an artisan stone masonry company to a contractor in the Triangle area, his transition was an apt extension of his previous experience. Rex was dedicated to constructing homes that not only met aesthetic standards but were also structurally robust. By the turn of the century, his firm, Bost Homes, had established itself as one of the top luxury design-build firms in the Triangle area, thanks to Rex’s experience, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Bost Custom Homes’ impressive growth story rests on the cornerstone of honest and transparent relationships. This principle is central to the company culture and influences every aspect of their building process, from interaction with clients and team coordination to relationships with trade partners. The integrity of their operations has fostered trust and loyalty amongst their clientele and partners, making them one of the most sought-after custom home builders in North Carolina.

Bost Custom Homes

In today’s competitive landscape, Bost Homes stands out as a pioneer, always at the forefront of adopting new technology and techniques. The company introduced several innovative construction methods to the region, including masonry framing, rainwater harvesting, and Mediterranean style construction. This progressive approach to custom home building underscores Bost Homes’ dedication to innovation and adaptation, crucial factors in their rise to prominence in the custom home building market.

Over three decades of operation, Bost Custom Homes has left hundreds of homeowners delighted, won numerous awards, and has cemented its place as a leading custom home builder. It continues to be driven by its original commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity. The company thrives on building some of the most beautiful, efficient, and structurally resilient homes in the region, all while realizing their clients’ dreams and fostering lasting relationships. Each home built by Bost Custom Homes is a testament to their steadfast dedication to their craft and the values they uphold.


At Bost Custom Homes, they believe in a team approach to building homes, which has proven instrumental in the successful execution of projects. Their dedicated design and construction professionals maintain a high level of communication with homeowners, guiding them through the intricate planning, design, and building processes. They are committed to providing an exceptional service that ensures clients are well-supported in making crucial decisions.

The journey with Bost Custom Homes starts with an initial face-to-face discovery meeting. This is a critical step in determining the client’s desires, ideals, and goals for their dream home. They invite clients to join them in their office to discuss previous experiences with homes, review plan examples to highlight design features of interest, and explain their unique process in detail. This interactive session helps loosely define the vision for the project, setting the stage for designing the dream home.

Bost Custom Homes

Bost Custom Homes also extends its expertise to homesite selection, acting as a partner in homesite development and acquisition. Their three-decade-long experience enables them to identify opportunities and optimize the potential of a homesite. They offer a comprehensive analysis of the development process, identifying any potential issues with environmental restrictions and utilities. Once a specific lot is identified, they explore it together with the client, visualizing the future home and discussing the possibilities.

The home design process at Bost Custom Homes is all-encompassing, starting from the conceptual stage to the final architectural plans, all conducted in-house. The design process can begin with existing plans or from scratch. A unique approach they adopt is starting with the design of the first floor, which is considered the biggest cost driver of a house. Once the ideal first-floor layout is established, the design is expanded to other levels. They continually refine the floorplan until it perfectly aligns with the client’s goals. During this stage, clients are encouraged to share photos of homes they love, while Bost Custom Homes offers examples of homes they’ve previously built. To ensure a serious commitment, a refundable deposit is collected prior to engaging in the design process, covering administrative costs and the designer’s time. This meticulous process underlines Bost Custom Homes’ commitment to turning dream homes into reality.


The build phase is a thrilling period in the custom home building process with Bost Custom Homes, where clients can witness their dream homes come to life. Once the permits are secured and ground is broken, the project begins to take shape rapidly. Understanding the excitement and anticipation that comes with building a new home, Bost Custom Homes employs modern technology to keep clients involved and informed throughout the process.

Bost Custom Homes

To facilitate seamless communication, Bost Custom Homes employs a smartphone app and project management software that offer daily photo updates. This software allows homeowners to witness the progression of their homes in real-time, enhancing their involvement and excitement in the process. Besides visual updates, the application also provides budget tracking features and houses all documents pertaining to the new home. This ensures clients remain fully informed about their project’s status, fostering transparency and trust between the builder and the client.

Being a custom design-build firm, Bost Custom Homes is fully equipped to make adjustments to the plan even during the construction phase if desired by the client. While these changes may affect the cost and timeline of the project, the company recognizes that building a dream home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. Therefore, they prioritize getting it right above all else, ensuring the final home perfectly aligns with the client’s vision. This unique approach underscores Bost Custom Homes’ commitment to customer satisfaction and their flexibility in meeting the evolving needs of clients throughout the building process.

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