Builder Spotlight: Custom One Homes

With decades of experience in building high-end custom residences, Custom One Homes has established its well-deserved position among the Top 20 Luxury Builders in the USA. This Minnesota-based firm prides itself on its unparalleled dedication to quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every detail of a project reflects the unique needs and style preferences of its clients. Its reputation for delivering exceptional homes is built on a solid foundation of trust, transparency, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

One of the defining traits that sets Custom One Homes apart from its competitors is its innovative, cutting-edge designs. The firm understands that a luxury home is not merely defined by its size or cost, but by its distinctiveness, uniqueness, and the lifestyle it offers to its residents. The skilled team of architects, designers, and builders at Custom One Homes masterfully blends form, function, and technology to create bespoke living spaces that are not only visually stunning, but also comfortable, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced.

Custom One Homes

Moreover, Custom One Homes offers an entirely personalized experience throughout the building process. This level of service is particularly important in the luxury market, where the clientele expects not just a superior product, but also an exceptional customer journey. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, the team works hand-in-hand with the clients, providing them with expert advice, regular updates, and peace of mind. The firm’s hands-on approach is appreciated by its clientele and recognized throughout the industry, further solidifying its position in the top 20 luxury builders.

Another noteworthy aspect of Custom One Homes’ operations is its commitment to sustainable building practices. Understanding the evolving desires of luxury homeowners for eco-friendly options, the firm employs the latest green building techniques and materials. This approach not only benefits the environment but also contributes to the long-term value and efficiency of the homes. The company’s dedication to sustainability is yet another reason why it has earned its place among the nation’s top luxury home builders.

Custom One Homes

Custom One Homes’ awards and recognitions speak volumes about the quality and craftsmanship that go into each of its projects. The firm has been repeatedly recognized by industry bodies and prestigious organizations, receiving accolades for its design excellence, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction. This string of accolades further confirms Custom One Homes’ standing as a top luxury home builder in the US.

Finally, the company’s impressive portfolio, which includes some of the most luxurious and distinctive homes in the country, serves as a testament to its superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. The projects range from modern minimalist designs to grand traditional estates, each reflecting the individual tastes and lifestyles of the clients. This flexibility in design and unyielding commitment to quality underpins Custom One Homes’ ranking among the top luxury builders in the USA.


Custom One Homes takes pride in their unique problem-solving approach to custom home building, unafraid to face any challenges that might arise during the construction process. The dedicated staff at the firm is not only highly skilled in their craft but also deeply passionate about resolving design issues to ensure that every client’s vision comes to life. This proactive stance allows them to effectively shoulder any stresses associated with building a home, ensuring a seamless process for clients and providing essential protection for their investment.

Custom One Homes

The firm’s commitment to uncompromised quality is another key factor that sets it apart. At Custom One Homes, every decision is driven by the ambition to deliver the desired outcome for the client, without making any concessions on quality or design. When faced with obstacles, the team doesn’t resort to excuses or constraints. Instead, they rely on their agile craftsmanship, grounded in solid building science, to navigate any hurdles, demonstrating their unique ability to meet and surpass clients’ expectations.

This steadfast dedication to excellence has been the bedrock of Custom One Homes’ business for over 40 years. The firm’s drive to always deliver the perfect home to each client has earned it a stellar reputation in the industry, often leading to lasting partnerships with clients who trust them with multiple projects. The firm’s track record clearly illustrates that choosing Custom One Homes means choosing a partner committed to realizing every aspect of your vision for your new home.

Custom One Homes

Choosing to work with the established professionals at Custom One Homes truly means opening the door to endless possibilities for your custom-built home. The team’s experience, commitment, and innovative problem-solving approach ensures that each client’s unique vision is met with the highest level of craftsmanship and dedication. With Custom One Homes in your corner, you have a partner who shares your vision and is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experience to bring that vision to life.


Custom One Homes recognizes that the process of building a custom home is a deeply personal journey. They believe that no client should ever feel confined by a floor plan or style that doesn’t suit their personal taste or their family’s lifestyle. The cornerstone of their philosophy is flexibility, welcoming and encouraging new features and ideas throughout the building process.

Custom One Homes

Clients are invited to bring any plans they’ve purchased or even sketched themselves. Alternatively, the firm is more than happy to start from scratch, drawing inspiration from what clients love about their model homes or any other residences they’ve admired. This approach allows for a personalized design process that respects the individuality of each client and their unique vision for their home.

Once this initial conversation begins, Custom One Homes involves their expert designers to craft a wholly unique design that embodies the client’s vision. The exchange of ideas and the time spent getting to know each client form the foundation for creating a home that not only reflects the client’s design preferences but also embodies their lifestyle and values. This collaborative process results in a custom-built home that clients have contributed to designing – a home they can be proud of now and in the future.

The design process at Custom One Homes is well-structured and transparent, starting with a Discovery Session and an Educational Walkthrough. This is followed by a session to align the budget with preliminary needs, wants, and wishes for the new home. The next step is to review and/or reserve a homesite that suits the client’s preferences. Then the real fun begins with the design of the home, followed by the finalization of plan selections and pricing. This thoughtful process ensures that each client’s vision is fully understood and brought to life in a way that is efficient, enjoyable, and above all, successful.


At Custom One Homes, quality is not just a buzzword but a guiding principle that influences every facet of their operations. The firm understands that building a custom home is a significant investment, and as such, they ensure that every home they construct reflects the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Custom One Homes

One of the key aspects where Custom One Homes’ commitment to quality shines is in their selection of materials. The firm insists on using only premium-grade materials to ensure the longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal of their homes. From the initial groundwork to the final finishing touches, every material used is chosen for its superior quality and ability to enhance the overall design and functionality of the home.

The firm’s team of skilled craftsmen further underscores this focus on quality. Custom One Homes employs a team of highly experienced professionals who share the company’s dedication to excellence. Every artisan, builder, and designer associated with Custom One Homes is an expert in their field, enabling the firm to consistently deliver homes of exceptional quality.

Custom One Homes also ensures quality control by adhering to a rigorous building process. They have established strict protocols and standards for every phase of construction to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standards. These standards not only uphold the integrity of the design but also ensure the home’s durability, safety, and long-term value.

Custom One Homes

Quality, for Custom One Homes, also extends to the service they provide to their clients. They understand that the journey towards building a custom home is just as important as the finished product. The firm provides a personalized, attentive, and transparent service that guides clients through every stage of the process. From the initial design consultation to the final handover, Custom One Homes makes every effort to ensure their clients are satisfied and that the process is smooth and stress-free.

In essence, Custom One Homes’ unwavering dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of their work. Whether it’s the materials they use, the craftsmen they employ, their rigorous building process, or the service they provide, every element is a testament to their commitment to delivering homes of exceptional quality.


Luxury is the essence of every project undertaken by Custom One Homes. As a renowned custom home builder, the firm has carved out a niche in crafting homes that are not only lavish and exquisite, but also incorporate a sense of uniqueness and individuality, aligning perfectly with the tastes and lifestyle needs of the discerning clientele they serve.

Custom One Homes

At Custom One Homes, luxury is defined by more than just high-end materials and expensive finishes. It’s about creating homes that are thoughtfully designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The firm ensures that every home they build offers a luxurious living experience, from spacious interiors filled with natural light to high-tech home automation systems, gourmet kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and outdoor spaces designed for relaxation and entertainment.

The firm’s understanding of luxury also extends to their design process, which is tailored to accommodate the unique preferences and desires of each client. Their team of skilled designers and architects work collaboratively with clients, taking the time to understand their lifestyle and aspirations. This approach enables them to design and construct homes that not only exude luxury in every detail, but also reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of the homeowner.

Custom One Homes

But perhaps the most defining aspect of Custom One Homes’ approach to luxury is their unwavering commitment to quality. Luxury, after all, is synonymous with exceptional quality, and the firm goes above and beyond to ensure this is reflected in every home they build. From the selection of premium-grade materials to employing the finest craftsmen and adhering to the highest construction standards, Custom One Homes delivers on the promise of luxury in every sense of the word.

In essence, luxury at Custom One Homes is about creating a living experience that is as beautiful as it is comfortable, as distinctive as it is functional. The firm’s deep understanding of the luxury market, commitment to quality, and client-focused approach make them a go-to choice for clients seeking to build a home that embodies the essence of luxury living.

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