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Indeed, one cannot compile a list of the top luxury builders in the United States without mentioning the prolific and industry-leading Toll Brothers. Recognized for their unmatched commitment to crafting exquisite homes, Toll Brothers continues to play a pivotal role in defining the standards of luxury living. Their mastery in construction, nuanced architectural design, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction are some of the fundamental reasons they consistently rank amongst the Top 20 Luxury Builders nationwide.

Since its inception in 1967, Toll Brothers has meticulously constructed an enviable portfolio of custom luxury homes that spans across more than 50 markets in 24 states. Each home stands as a testament to their premium craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are highly revered for their ability to harmoniously blend modern and classic elements, resulting in properties that not only embody elegance and grandeur but also incorporate practical and innovative features to enhance the quality of life for their homeowners.

Toll Brothers Homes

The luxury that Toll Brothers embodies is not just about the opulent aesthetics or premium materials. Instead, it stretches beyond that to encapsulate the whole customer experience. One of their distinctive features is the personalization process they offer. Potential homeowners are given a unique opportunity to work with a team of professional designers at the Toll Brothers’ design studios to tailor their homes according to their lifestyle and preferences. The homes are thus not only luxurious but also uniquely personalized, reflecting the homeowner’s tastes and identity.

Toll Brothers’ unwavering dedication to quality has been recognized at various platforms. They have been named America’s Most Trusted Home Builder by Lifestory Research for five years in a row. This accolade is based on an independent survey that measures customer trust amongst new-home shoppers, hence it is a true testament to the reputation that Toll Brothers has managed to build. Furthermore, they are the only public home builder to receive the Builder of the Year honor twice from Professional Builder Magazine.

Toll Brothers Homes

It’s also worth mentioning their sustainable practices. Toll Brothers have a significant commitment to sustainability, as reflected in their approach to green building. They incorporate energy-efficient features in their homes and are committed to preserving the natural beauty of the land they develop. This blend of luxury, personalization, and sustainability is indeed a combination that very few builders can provide, thereby solidifying their position as one of the Top 20 Luxury Builders in the United States.


Undoubtedly, the stature of Toll Brothers in the American real estate landscape is undeniable. Founded in 1967, the company has since risen to the zenith of the luxury homes sector, earning numerous accolades and recognition in the process. An integral part of the Fortune 500, this celebrated organization has emerged as the leading builder of opulent residences across the nation. Its reputation for outstanding quality and an unrivaled customer service experience have positioned Toll Brothers as an emblem of excellence and reliability in the field of custom home building.

Toll Brothers Homes

Operating in 24 states nationwide, Toll Brothers is a publicly owned company, with its common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TOL. The company’s operations are underpinned by transparency, integrity, and financial robustness, which has helped it to engender trust among its stakeholders. This level of trust, combined with the promise of delivering impeccable, luxurious homes, has continually propelled the company to newer heights of success and prestige.

Achievements of Toll Brothers extend far beyond the geographical boundaries of the United States. A testament to their worldwide recognition is the honor received in 2023, when Fortune magazine named them the ‘World’s Most Admired Homebuilder’. This accolade, not bestowed for the first time but the eighth, reaffirms the company’s standing at the global level. Such recognition stems from consistent commitment to standards of excellence, innovation in design, and responsiveness to customer needs, underlining the global appeal and respect Toll Brothers commands in the luxury homebuilding sector.

Toll Brothers Homes

Toll Brothers’ accomplishments are not only recognized by customers and investors, but also by industry peers. This is evident in the accolades received from authoritative industry platforms such as Builder magazine, which honored the company with the ‘Builder of the Year’ title. Significantly, Professional Builder magazine has also awarded Toll Brothers the ‘Builder of the Year’ honor, not once but twice. Being the first ever to receive this recognition twice, Toll Brothers has effectively showcased its enduring legacy of construction excellence and customer satisfaction in the luxury homebuilding industry. This recognition further cements Toll Brothers’ position as a leading force in the realm of luxury home construction.


Toll Brothers, a name synonymous with superior quality luxury homes, traces its roots back to 1967. The company was founded by Bob and Bruce Toll, inspired by their father who was also a home builder. Starting in the southeastern Pennsylvania, the brothers constructed their first two colonial homes, embarking on a journey that would later shape the course of luxury home building industry in the United States. The company not only takes pride in the homes they construct, but also in the enduring legacy they have crafted in the home building sector, having had a significant influence on residential architectural standards and customer expectations.

Toll Brothers Homes

By 1975, after nearly a decade of building homes in Pennsylvania, Toll Brothers entered a new era, as it embarked on its first large master planned community concept. This transformative project was made possible by the completion of the newly connected I-95 corridor to New York City, turning Bucks County, PA into a bustling bedroom community. This marked a pivotal moment in the company’s history, demonstrating their ability to innovate and adapt, and positioning them at the forefront of American luxury home construction.

In 1982, Toll Brothers took a significant step, crossing the Pennsylvania border and establishing its presence in the neighboring state of New Jersey. This marked the beginning of a period of expansion for the company, indicating its readiness to take on larger markets and bring its brand of luxury to more homeowners. By 1984, the company’s growth was so profound that it celebrated a significant milestone: the sale of its 1,000th home.

The year 1986 heralded a new chapter for Toll Brothers as they transitioned to become a public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker TOL. At this point, the company had reached revenues of $124.6 million from 15 communities. Going public offered an opportunity for further growth and expansion, while reaffirming its reputation as a trusted, financially robust organization within the homebuilding industry. The listing was a testament to the strength of Toll Brothers’ business model and its persistent dedication to crafting luxury homes.


Quality is the hallmark of all operations at Toll Brothers, a commitment that extends not just to the homes they construct, but also to the talent they harness. Recognizing that the pathway to being the best requires collaboration with the best, the company makes significant investments in its employees. They believe that the love for one’s job germinates not from grand events, but from the satisfaction found in daily tasks, whether it be in accounting, architecture, hospitality, or customer service. By cultivating an environment that employees are proud to be a part of, Toll Brothers ensures that the quality of their workforce matches the quality of their homes.

Toll Brothers Homes

Understanding the diverse elements that make up an individual’s identity, Toll Brothers appreciates that their employees are more than just members of the company. They value the unique perspectives brought in by different cultural backgrounds, interests, and hobbies, knowing that such diversity strengthens the company and informs its character. This respect for individuality translates into a work environment where every employee feels safe expressing their true and authentic selves, and where employees of all backgrounds are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. This approach empowers the employees to bring their full selves to work, enriching the company with a myriad of insights and experiences.

As Toll Brothers evolves, they want their employees to grow with them. They aim to embolden their workforce with the support, technology, and education needed for personal and professional development. The company champions a culture of empowerment where employees are encouraged to take ownership over their career paths. Building a career at Toll Brothers presents unique opportunities for employees to voice their ideas, see their contributions manifest in reality, and be rewarded with exceptional benefits. This focus on employee growth and satisfaction not only makes Toll Brothers a premier home builder, but also a highly sought-after employer, further emphasizing the quality that lies at the center of all they do.


The distinctive architecture that defines Toll Brothers homes stems from a precise balance of form and function, achieved through meticulous attention to detail and master craftsmanship. Their portfolio of designs is as diverse as their clientele, ranging from sprawling modern farmhouses situated on large land parcels, to stylish contemporary townhomes located at the heart of urban conveniences. Whether you envision a perfectly-sized home within a vibrant active-adult community or a sleek high-rise condominium in a bustling city, Toll Brothers offers an array of architectural designs tailored to meet the unique lifestyle and life stage of each homeowner.

Toll Brothers Homes

What truly sets Toll Brothers apart is the unrivaled choice they offer their clients. With a selection of premium products, cutting-edge appliances, and luxurious fixtures and finishes, a Toll Brothers home becomes an embodiment of each homeowner’s unique style and preferences. Their bespoke Design Studio experience, guided by a professional design consultant, allows clients to personalize their homes with extraordinary architectural elements and thoughtful designs, ensuring a love for every detail in their new home. This is a testament to Toll Brothers’ dedication to meeting and surpassing client expectations in creating dream homes.

The company’s commitment to an extraordinary customer experience is a cornerstone of their operations. From the very first interaction with a sales consultant, clients are met with utmost professionalism and thoughtful attention, characteristic of every Toll Brothers associate. Their goal is to exceed expectations at every turn, offering an unparalleled home buying experience. This commitment to superior customer service, coupled with their outstanding architectural designs and high-quality construction, makes the Toll Brothers experience truly extraordinary and distinctive in the luxury home building sector. It’s these elements that have played a significant role in elevating Toll Brothers to the status of one of the nation’s leading luxury home builders.

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