California Builder Spotlight: Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting has cemented its place as one of the Top 15 Luxury Home Builders in California, a distinction that speaks volumes about their expertise, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Operating in a state known for its diverse architectural landscape and discerning clientele, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting has consistently stood out for its unparalleled luxury offerings. Their projects echo the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, carefully tailored to the unique tastes and lifestyles of each homeowner. Whether it’s a sprawling coastal mansion or a modernist retreat nestled in the hills, the company has showcased a versatility that is both rare and admirable.

One of the standout characteristics of Andrew L. Miner General Contracting is their relentless focus on quality. From selecting top-notch materials to employing skilled artisans, every element is meticulously curated to ensure longevity and luxury. The company recognizes that building a custom home is a significant emotional and financial investment for clients, and they are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence. Their strong relationships with the finest suppliers and subcontractors in the industry also contribute to their reputation for constructing homes that are not only beautiful but are also technically sound and sustainable.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

A key element in their rise to the top echelons of the luxury home building industry has been their exceptional client-centric approach. Andrew L. Miner General Contracting understands that every client has a unique vision for their dream home, and they excel at translating those visions into reality. The design and building process is collaborative every step of the way, with the team making it a priority to communicate openly and transparently. They offer clients an immersive experience, providing them with options and involving them in decisions, from architectural design and layout to the selection of finishing touches like fixtures and paint colors.

Innovation is another hallmark of the company. In a constantly evolving real estate market, particularly in a state as dynamic as California, staying ahead of trends is crucial. Andrew L. Miner General Contracting is lauded for incorporating the latest in smart home technology, eco-friendly practices, and design innovations. They’re not just building homes; they’re crafting futuristic living spaces that cater to modern-day luxuries and conveniences. This willingness to adapt and evolve is what keeps them at the forefront of the luxury home building sector.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

Whether it’s their obsessive attention to detail, their commitment to quality, or their knack for realizing the dreams of their clients, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting unquestionably deserves its spot among the Top 15 Luxury Home Builders in California. With each new project, they continue to set the benchmark for what can be achieved in the realm of custom, luxury residences.


Andrew L. Miner General Contracting’s long-standing history of over 30 years in the business is a testament to their ability to adapt, evolve, and exceed expectations in the highly competitive world of luxury home building. With a primary focus in Newport Coast and surrounding areas, they have cultivated an in-depth understanding of local aesthetics, design principles, and client needs. Their longevity speaks not just to their expertise, but also to their ability to cultivate long-lasting relationships with homeowners. In a sector where experience matters immensely, their three-decade presence lends them an invaluable credibility.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

At the heart of the company’s success is their dedication to individual clients. Understanding that no two projects are the same, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting commits to a highly personalized, client-centric approach. The company goes beyond merely laying bricks and setting beams; they are in the business of realizing visions. For them, each project is like a blank canvas with endless possibilities, and they bring a level of creativity and uniqueness to ensure that the finished home is an accurate reflection of the client’s voice and vision.

Their experienced team is another cornerstone of their exceptional offerings. With a staff that is proficient in various aspects of custom home building, from architecture and design to construction and finishing, they have the breadth and depth of skills required to tackle any project. Each member contributes to springing the client’s plans to life, paying keen attention to every minute detail. This collaboration between different skill sets under one roof ensures a seamless experience for clients, from the initial consultations to the moment they step into their completed dream home.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

Another noteworthy aspect is their ability to tailor a custom approach for every project. Far from applying a one-size-fits-all methodology, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting understands that creating a unique space requires a unique approach. Whether it’s a modern, minimalist residence or a more traditional, opulent home, they adjust their techniques, materials, and designs to match the specific goals of each client. This flexibility not only allows for genuine originality in each home they build but also guarantees that clients feel heard, respected, and valued throughout the entire building or remodeling process.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting’s blend of vast experience, dedication to clients, and a team equipped with varied expertise allows them to continually set the gold standard in luxury home building. It’s not just about constructing residences; it’s about creating forever homes that are as unique as the people who dream of them. This unwavering commitment to quality and customization is what positions them as a standout choice for luxury homes in Newport Coast and beyond.


When discussing the approach of Andrew L. Miner General Contracting, one can’t help but recognize how their methodology differentiates them in the custom home building industry. At the foundation of their work lies a commitment to individualization and personalized engagement. They begin each project with a detailed consultation process, where the focus isn’t just on the physical blueprint but also on the emotional and functional aspects of a home. They aim to understand not just what the client wants, but why they want it, thus ensuring that each build isn’t merely a structure but a personalized living experience.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

A noteworthy aspect of their approach is the emphasis on collaboration. Andrew L. Miner General Contracting maintains a strong network of top-tier suppliers, skilled artisans, and renowned designers, and they bring these talents together to serve the client’s vision. It’s not uncommon for the team to go through multiple iterations of plans and designs to ensure that the final output not only meets but exceeds the client’s expectations. This level of teamwork and iterative development allows them to tackle projects of any complexity, whether it’s a contemporary minimalist design or a grandiose classical mansion.

Equally significant is their focus on transparency. The entire process is marked by open lines of communication between the team and the client. There are regular updates, walkthroughs, and review meetings to ensure that the project is progressing as envisioned. This transparency builds a level of trust that is invaluable in a process as complex and emotional as creating someone’s dream home. They understand that building a home is a significant life event, and their open approach ensures that clients are not just spectators but active participants in shaping their future residence.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

The technology-first mindset is another element that distinguishes Andrew L. Miner General Contracting’s approach. They are quick to integrate the latest advancements in home automation and smart technology into their builds, doing so in a way that enhances both functionality and aesthetic value. The firm recognizes that a modern luxury home needs to be as smart as it is beautiful, and they seamlessly weave technology into the fabric of each home, making life easier and more comfortable for the residents.

In summary, the approach employed by Andrew L. Miner General Contracting is a blend of personalization, collaboration, transparency, and innovation. They view each project as a unique entity requiring a unique approach, which is why they have consistently been successful in delivering homes that are both luxurious and deeply personal. This holistic and client-centric methodology sets them apart, affirming their reputation as a leader in the custom home building sector.


When it comes to the concept of luxury in custom home building, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting has a well-defined and sophisticated approach. Luxury, for them, isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an intricate tapestry of design, craftsmanship, technology, and customer service. They understand that the term “luxury” carries different meanings for different people, and they are remarkably skilled at personalizing that luxury specific to the client’s vision and needs. In a market often characterized by ostentatious displays of extravagance, their approach to luxury is both elegant and thoughtful, designed to cater to the nuances of individual lifestyles.

One of the hallmarks of their approach to luxury is an unerring attention to detail. Every aspect, from the layout of the rooms to the choice of materials and fixtures, is carefully curated to reflect the best in quality and design. They collaborate with top-tier suppliers, artisans, and designers to ensure that every component, whether it be an intricately designed chandelier or a custom-made kitchen island, aligns with the overarching theme of opulence and refinement. It’s this painstaking attention to detail that sets Andrew L. Miner General Contracting apart in the crowded field of luxury home builders.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

Moreover, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting has an innate ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. Their luxury homes often feature cutting-edge technology, from advanced home automation systems to state-of-the-art security features, all integrated in a way that enhances the home’s elegance rather than detracting from it. They manage to balance the classic and the contemporary, creating homes that feel timeless yet equipped for modern living. Their adeptness at incorporating these elements signifies a broader understanding of luxury—one that evolves with the times and yet remains rooted in foundational principles of quality and aesthetic beauty.

Luxury for Andrew L. Miner General Contracting also means offering an unmatched customer service experience. They understand that the process of building a custom luxury home is as important as the end result. From initial consultations to final walk-throughs, their team provides a service that is as seamless as it is personal. They are there to address any questions, provide expert advice, and ensure that the client’s vision comes to life in the most splendid way possible. The company creates not just luxurious homes but also luxurious experiences, engaging clients in a building process that feels as premium as the spaces they are investing in.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

In essence, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting elevates the concept of luxury to a fine art, offering a well-rounded, nuanced experience that satisfies the deepest desires for opulence, comfort, and uniqueness. Their approach is both holistic and bespoke, making them a standout name in the realm of luxury custom home building.


The prestige of Andrew L. Miner General Contracting is perfectly exemplified by their work on 6 Shoreview Dr in ultra-exclusive Pelican Point, a true legacy property that blends grandeur with exceptional craftsmanship. As part of an all-star cast including renowned architect David Ko, Thurston Boyd interior design, and master theater designer Theo Kalomirakis, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting played a pivotal role in bringing to life a luxurious estate that sprawls over 19,000 square feet of living space. Situated on a stunning 31,674 square-foot ocean-view parcel, this project stands as a testament to the company’s expertise in creating high-end, luxurious homes that are both aesthetically breathtaking and functionally superior.

The 6 Shoreview Dr estate is a marvel of design and construction, melding classic Italian architecture with stylish California coastal elements. Andrew L. Miner General Contracting was instrumental in realizing this harmonious blend, ensuring that each facet of the home met the highest standards of luxury and quality. From the sumptuous ocean-view master suites to the meticulously designed living and dining areas, the craftsmanship provided by the company is visible in every corner. It’s not just about constructing walls and floors; it’s about setting the stage for life’s most beautiful moments.

Andrew L. Miner General Contracting

Particular attention must be given to the property’s exceptional amenities. Andrew L. Miner General Contracting’s finesse shines through in the details, be it the chef’s kitchens equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and finishes, the private offices and libraries that serve as sanctuaries of calm, or the integration of Smart Home technology for effortless living. Additionally, the estate features not one but two state-of-the-art theaters equipped with D-Box motion technology, an example of the company’s commitment to embracing innovation. Such amenities don’t just add value to the home; they elevate the standard of living for the residents, blending luxury with comfort in a seamless manner.

In a market saturated with luxury offerings, the collaboration on 6 Shoreview Dr establishes Andrew L. Miner General Contracting as a paragon in the realm of luxury home building. It’s not just about the scale; it’s about the commitment to excellence at every level. From layout to finishes, from technology to aesthetics, each element is carefully considered and masterfully executed. When it comes to creating residences that serve as both personal sanctuaries and spaces for grand entertainment, Andrew L. Miner General Contracting demonstrates an unparalleled mastery over the art and science of luxury home construction.

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