Top 7 Builders in Miami Beach

It’s easy to be enamored by Miami Beach, which stretches out along the southeastern tip of Florida’s coastline. Whether the interest lies in its world-class white sands, lively nightlife, or historically rich cultural centers, it extends an open invitation to settle down into quality living in all aspects of life, whatever the taste preference. What’s not so easy is choosing the right builder who can bring your dream home to life without costly surprises along the way.

Does designing and building a dream home without costly surprises sound too good to be true? Well, here at Dream Home Studio, our team is dedicated to helping you do just that, achieve the seemingly impossible. While the idea of building your dream home may be daunting, we’ll bring back the excitement by walking you through the process, whichever stage you’re currently in, and identify potentially hidden costs before they occur. For more information on choosing the right builder for your project, watch our instructional video:


For those curious and resourceful individuals who prefer several alternative options, let’s delve into seven of the top builders who serve Miami Beach and the communities in the surrounding area. Please be advised, these are not ranked in any order, but purely a list where each building company has the potential to provide quality work to suit your needs. These were chosen based on proven experience by their numerous projects, design technique, pleased clientele, and positive press mentions.

Certain Homes

Certain Homes

This father-son company has served Miami Beach and the Southern Florida area for more than twenty years. Specializing in building custom homes featuring the Modern, Mediterranean, and Contemporary styles, as shown in their portfolio. Certain Homes ensures the finished product will suit each family’s needs while keeping up to date with modern technology. With a passion for building trust between clients, their quality workmanship and smooth process has been praised in several prominent magazines, including Home Builder Digest, GC Magazine, and La Ola Carribe.

Shorecrest Construction

Shorecrest Construction website homepage

If you’re looking for luxury, Shorecrest Construction will not only bring your dream design to life, but tune in to the fine details. In fact, they love nothing more than for their clients to challenge them with customized intricacies that leave a personalized stamp on the residence. With over fifteen years of experience servicing the Miami community from Bal Harbor to Miami Beach, this team provides full spectrum construction services, including but not limited to contractors, project management, and preconstruction estimation. The press continues to praise their quality work and attention to detail in magazines like The South Florida Luxury Guide.

Bart Reines Luxury Homebuilder

Bart Reines Luxury Homebuilder website homepage

On the topic of luxury, herein lies another solution with a heavy focus on artistic design. Praised for his professionalism and attention to detail in his oceanfront homes, Bart Reines provides masterful craftsmanship and believes in personal service no matter what stage of the building process you’re in. His team, handpicked for excellence, ensure the finished product will match your vision and lifestyle. With four decades of experience in the industry and over ten years running this successful enterprise, Bart Reines continuously enamors press and clients alike with his artistry and resale value as mentioned in several magazine headlines from Miami Herold, The Real Deal, and more.

Woolems Luxury Builder

Woolems Luxury Builder website homepage

Celebrating forty years as one of the finest luxury home builders in Florida, Woolems Luxury Builder serves a plethora of coastal towns from Fort Lauderdale to Miami Beach. Praised for their artistry by several magazines like Art & Culture and Luxe Interiors + Design, this custom home building team is dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship, collaboration, safety, and vision, while integrity and quality pave the way to bringing their clients’ iconic homes to life. Their expertise lies in architectural styles ranging from Classical, Contemporary, and Transitional. Their stunning homes respect the natural setting around them, while creating unique spaces to relax, work, and entertain. Past clients rave about employees’ friendly yet professional manner, fair service price value, and standards of excellence evident in the finished product.

Hart Homes

Hart Homes website homepage

With over two decades of experience serving some of the most prominent communities in South Florida, Hart Homes tailors their building styles to match the unique architectural designs of the area, while adhering to the vision of their clients. Whether your focus is classic Art Deco or Mediterranean, or any of the other prominent styles that make Miami Beach the iconic dream home destination, Hart Homes’ dedicated team continuously monitors and adapts to updated trends, technology, materials, and application expertise. Their appreciation of architectural history specific to the appointed area and incorporation of other designs, such as Ranch and French Countryside, is highly praised in magazines like Home Builder Digest. Blending functional living into breathtaking designs, Hart Homes makes their clients’ dreams a reality.

Hollub Homes

Hollub Homes website homepage

Looking for no hidden costs? Hollub Group builds custom homes from the ground up with responsibility and transparency. Having nearly seventy years of experience under its belt, this family-owned enterprise works with a dedicated team of architects, designers, and contractors, who are more than willing to guide you through the entire endeavor, and commits to a seamless process with an on-time finished product. With several communities and over one thousand homes added to South Florida’s map, Hollub Group pursues building relationships with their clients alongside their living spaces. Clients express gratitude toward the work ethic and quality of people who work with them, praising their character, professionalism, and organization. They let the numerous awards speak for themselves in regards to structural integrity and design, including but not limited to several Houzz Best of Designs, two Builder’s Association Best of Show Awards, and Home Builder Digest’s listing as #1 Custom Home Builder in Florida.

Krome Construction

Krome Construction website homepage

Whether you’re building a single-family home from the ground up or redesigning your condo, Krome Construction understands quality and knows how to achieve your vision and expectations. With an impressive portfolio of mostly oceanfront residences, Krome’s founders utilize the same organizational structure and professionalism of larger corporations while providing each client with personal care and attention. Magazines such as Luxe Interiors + Design praise their ability to not only keep their focus on achieving their clients’ dreams design-wise but doing so while remaining on budget and on schedule. Achieving a place on this prominent magazine’s Gold List is no easy feat.

Popular Neighborhoods Around Miami Beach

So now that you have a few ideas in your back pocket of who might be able to bring your dream home to life, let’s explore where might be the best place for you to invest and begin the process. Miami Beach contains many popular neighborhoods. Each holds as much potential as the next to be the perfect place to call home. According to the locals, Miami Beach is sectioned into three key parts: South Beach, Mid-Beach, and North Beach. Each section has an incredibly different feel, from architecture to lifestyle, within each of these borders.

South Beach (SoBe)

South Beach at night lit up with neon lights

One of the biggest attractions of South Beach, or SoBe as the locals call it, is its walkability. Some locals refrain from buying cars altogether because extensive sidewalks make walking and cycling to any given destination a breeze, especially since traffic in this part of Miami Beach is notoriously terrible. The city also provides transportation so you don’t have to worry about finding parking. This section of Miami Beach, just a 25-minute drive to Downtown, practically bursts at the seams with energy, brighter Art Deco styles and colors, and nightlife with so much to do and see from museums to boutiques to clubs and restaurants. With these enticing attractions to look forward to, these popular areas to build your dream home range anywhere between $1 million and $70 million:

· South of Fifth (SoFi): range $2m – $5m

· Bay Road: $2m-$3m

· West Avenue: $1m-$3m

· Venetian Islands: $10m-$22m

· Hibiscus Island: $4m-$30m

· Palm Island: $2m-$7m

· Star Island: $30m-$70m

North Beach

Boardwalk overlooking the water and miami sunset

Where South Beach is energetic with locals and tourists alike, North Beach couldn’t be more different both in lifestyle and architectural design. Here homeowners enjoy the quieter side of high-end living. Neither beaches nor roadways experience nearly as much traffic as their southern counterparts. Miami Modern (MiMo) designs dot the landscape, which gives luxury a more eclectic taste, and the laid-back golf, tennis, and yacht communities create a sort of small town feel. The city’s transportation makes commuting to areas like Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood as uncomplicated as can be with only a 30-minute drive to the very heart of Miami. There are numerous shopping and dining opportunities as well, though admittedly not as many as the southern side. Live music from North Beach Bandshell, a popular open-air amphitheater, and the Brewing District are popular destinations. Residents on this end of Miami Beach enjoy the character and solidarity of slightly older homes and condos. Houses on this side of town range anywhere from $1 million to $65 million:

· Normandy Beach: $1m-$10m

· Normandy Isles: $5m-$10m

· Biscayne Point: $1m-$15m

· La Gorce Country Club: $5m-$65m


Miami shopping center

With such vast differences between the two ends of Miami Beach, Mid-Beach is the place to build your dream home if you’re looking for a blend of the two in design and culture. This central portion of Miami Beach, extending from 17th street to 63rd street, holds the vibrant attractions of South Beach with a more Latin American and bohemian lilt while maintaining a laid-back atmosphere similar to North Beach. It is a diverse blend of MiMo and Art Deco styles with the same level of walkability as South Beach. Here you will find thriving art and fashion communities and several five-star hotels and recreational parks. Popular neighborhoods in this area range from $2 million to $60 million:

· Millionaires Row: $25m-$40m

· Sunset Islands: $6m-$25m

· La Gorce: $2m-$60m

Let the Project Begin…

Building your dream home can be a daunting experience and more often than not ends up going over budget and finishing past deadlines. Dream Home Studios delights in making the process as smooth as possible by following a tried and true structure that’s different than most yet highly efficient, which is outlined in our Custom Home Guidebook and Workshop. We ensure your project remains on schedule and no hidden costs sneak up on you along the way. For more information on choosing the right builder for you, feel free to schedule a consultation call with Mark Shattuck, our building and design expert, or check out our instructional video:

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