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Top 20 Luxury Home Builders in the USA

Updated: Sep 15

Welcome to our exclusive look at the crests of luxury home construction in the United States. In the world of home building, there are countless contenders, but only a select few earn the distinction of crafting opulent living spaces that rise above the ordinary. This blog will spotlight the pinnacle of prestige, the crème de la crème, the top 20 luxury home builders in the nation that have solidified their reputation by delivering matchless quality, unparalleled design aesthetics, and superior customer service.

Our carefully curated list kicks off with Middlefork Luxury, a venerated builder known for their sophisticated designs and meticulous attention to detail. Whether you prefer the grandeur of a sprawling estate or the intimate comfort of a modern, upscale retreat, these builders, like Whisper Homes and Bost Custom Homes, set the benchmark for luxury living.

From the tasteful minimalism of Dibico Home Builders to the architecturally innovative constructions by Barenz Builders and AR Homes, the diversity in design and execution is striking. The list extends to include London Bay Homes, known for their personalized, design-led philosophy, and Teakwood Builders, who masterfully blend artistry with functionality.

Paradisa Homes, Welcome Homes, and Stone Creek Builders have each left an indelible mark on the landscape of luxury home building, delivering residences that are as opulent as they are intimate. They share the spotlight with Brush Arbor Homes, Custom One Homes, and Desert Star Construction, companies that build not just homes, but dreamlike living experiences.

Our list wouldn't be complete without acknowledging the sublime craftsmanship of Hann Builders, Bella Custom Homes, and Mueller Homes, renowned for their dedication to quality and their ability to translate client visions into stunning realities. Sharing this high echelon are Silverleaf Homes, Platt Builders, and the iconic Toll Brothers, who round out our selection of the top 20 luxury home builders in the United States.

Stay with us as we embark on a captivating journey through the portfolios of these industry titans, delving into what sets each of them apart in the highly competitive realm of luxury home building. Expect to be dazzled, and perhaps find the builder of your future dream home along the way.


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Middlefork Luxury

Middlefork Luxury Homes, a titan in the realm of high-end home construction, doesn't just build homes – they create lifetime repositories for memories. Their ethos is deeply embedded in the idea of collaboration and transparency, keenly focusing on fostering relationships with clients, while being meticulous about clear communication about budgets and schedules. The seasoned team at Middlefork, boasting a combined experience of forty years, is well-versed in converting architectural blueprints into lived-in realities.

Middlefork was born out of the 2008 economic crisis, a testament to the vision and resilience of its founder, Andy Bowyer. When the market turmoil was shaking the very foundations of the construction industry, and many developers were succumbing to the harsh economic downturn, Bowyer not only survived the storm but managed to find a silver lining. Recognizing the enduring demand in the luxury home market, he saw an opportunity to redefine custom home building. He embarked on an in-depth study of the needs of local homeowners, market trends, and best practices in the Chicago area, with an aim to answer a pivotal question: What do homeowners truly want?

Today, this insightful query remains at the heart of each new project undertaken by Middlefork. They are not just builders, but listeners and interpreters, who strive to understand their clients' unique needs, personalities, and styles to shape homes that are perfect reflections of their inhabitants.

Middlefork's commitment to excellence and professional ethics is further demonstrated by their membership with several reputable organizations such as the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, The National Association of Home Builders, and the American Institute of Architects. Their journey, marked by integrity, innovation, and dedication, underscores their position as a leading player in the world of luxury home building.

Whisper Homes

Whisper Homes stands as an avant-garde in the realm of luxury home building, weaving a seamless tapestry of ultramodern design, cutting-edge technology, and environmental mindfulness. Their commitment to constructing "livable art" results in timeless masterpieces intended to appreciate, both aesthetically and economically, generation after generation.

Each home constructed by Whisper Homes is a harmonious blend of leading-edge technologies, artful design, and sustainable practices, culminating in a living space that not only offers comfort and luxury but fosters a sense of connection and stewardship with the environment. Their craftsmanship extends beyond mere structure, influencing every element, from the carefully selected materials used in countertops and flooring to the meticulously designed light fixtures.

At the heart of Whisper Homes' philosophy is a focus on enhancing lifestyle. The spaces they create promote social engagement, wellness, and a profound connection with nature. Every home incorporates amenities like lap pools or pickleball/basketball courts and intimate spaces designed for human interaction. This commitment to fostering shared experiences extends to communal indoor and outdoor spaces, carefully designed to bring people closer to nature and each other.

Whisper Homes' dedication to mindful construction ensures every home is crafted with the utmost care for the environment, the homeowner, and future generations. Their homes are built to complement their natural surroundings, be it the tranquil Tahoe, the serene Napa, or the idyllic Palm Desert. By employing environmentally conscious materials and systems, Whisper Homes strives to leave a minimal footprint on the environment while maximizing the homeowner's impression and satisfaction.

By harnessing revolutionary energy technology such as battery back-up and Tesla solar roofs, Whisper Homes is committed to achieving net-zero energy. This sustainable approach, coupled with their passion for design and a deep understanding of their client's lifestyle, ensures that every Whisper Home is a sanctuary of luxury and sustainable living, poised to endure the test of time and elements.

Bost Custom Homes

The story of Bost Custom Homes dates back to 1986, when Rex Bost, previously the owner of an artisan stone masonry company, channeled his passion and expertise into building his first home in the Triangle area of North Carolina. This marked his seamless transition into the realm of custom home building, where he committed himself to crafting homes that combined aesthetic charm and structural resilience. Throughout the 1990s, Rex's dedication and relentless pursuit of quality saw Bost Homes emerge as one of the leading luxury design-build firms by the dawn of the new millennium.

The foundation of Bost Homes has always been built upon the principles of honesty, transparency, and meaningful relationships. This ethos is embedded in every facet of the company, shaping our interactions with clients, our team dynamics, and our collaborations with trade partners. It's a philosophy that extends beyond the walls of our office to permeate the entire building process.

Fast forward to today, and Bost Homes stands as a pioneering force in the North Carolina custom home building market. We're constantly at the forefront of innovation, never hesitating to incorporate new technology and techniques into our work. This innovative spirit is clearly seen in our introduction of masonry framing, rainwater harvesting, Mediterranean style construction, and other cutting-edge practices to the region.

With a track record of thirty years, hundreds of delighted homeowners, and a plethora of awards to our name, Bost Custom Homes remains steadfast in its original commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity. Our goal extends beyond building exquisite, efficient, and structurally robust homes; we aim to actualize our clients' dreams while fostering enduring relationships. Bost Custom Homes continues to set new standards for luxury home building, ensuring each home we craft is a true embodiment of our clients' visions and a testament to our founding principles.

Dibico Home Builders

Dibico Home Builders traces its roots back to a small woodshop nestled in a garage, where Julio DiBiase Sr., an Italian immigrant, passionately crafted custom furniture for friends and family while working as a full-time carpenter. His exceptional craftsmanship gradually steered his interests towards custom home remodeling, eventually expanding into new home construction. The baton of expertise and talent was later passed onto his son, Julio Jr., through hands-on experience, culminating in the formation of Dibico Construction in 1991.

Presently, Dibico Construction maintains its commitment to meticulous craftsmanship, whether it's a modest bathroom remodel or a grand, newly constructed home. Each project, irrespective of its scale, benefits from the same degree of attention and high-quality service that was established in that modest woodshop at the back of an old garage.

Now based in Greenwich, CT, Dibico Construction has built an impressive reputation for constructing and remodeling premium quality homes across Fairfield and Westchester Counties and New York City. We guide our clients through each step of the home building or remodeling journey. We assist you in locating the perfect piece of property, conceptualizing and designing your new home, and paying careful attention to every minor detail until your dream home is brought to fruition.

Our demand for service, quality, and commitment extends to our architects, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers. We exclusively collaborate with local, licensed, and fully insured companies, many of whom we've had established relationships with for years. These long-term partnerships afford us a significant advantage when time is of the essence. Over the years, we've also developed close relationships with our clients. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an enjoyable home-building experience that guarantees lifelong happiness for you and your family in your Dibico home.

Barenz Builders

At Barenz Builders, we bring your dreams to life. Every home we build bears our family name, and we pour our heart and soul into treating your home as if it were our own. We understand that building or remodeling a home goes beyond mere construction; it's about creating a space where memories are forged, families unite, and lifetimes are shared. We appreciate that such an endeavor involves significant emotional and financial commitment, which is why we strive to make the experience enjoyable, exciting, and fun! Since 1977, our mission has been to not only deliver beautifully finished homes of the highest quality but also to redefine the entire home building and remodeling experience.

Creating your own home is the realization of a lifelong dream and an extraordinary journey - one that inspires the entire family, stirs the soul, and warms the heart. At Barenz Builders, we believe in cherishing the relationships we forge with our clients, which is why ensuring an exceptional experience throughout your building adventure is our utmost priority. There's no greater reward for our team than seeing our clients revel in the happiness of living in their dream home. It's more than just building homes; it's about creating lasting impressions and contributing to the chapters of your life story.

At Barenz Builders, we believe that true value is not always about offering the cheapest solution, but rather about delivering the highest caliber of service, quality products, and exceptional workmanship. This is a principle we uphold by collaborating with only the top industry professionals, not necessarily the most affordable ones. Our partnerships with highly skilled artisans, who seamlessly blend state-of-the-art building technology with the timeless craftsmanship of a bygone era, help us maintain our commitment to quality. Our value proposition is clear: personalized attention as if you're working with a small, local builder, but backed by the support and resources of a larger firm, all while upholding a reputation that has remained unblemished since our inception in 1977.

AR Homes

The story of AR Homes began with Art Rutenberg, an industry pioneer who, in 1953, had a simple yet revolutionary vision: to deliver original and innovative home designs of exceptional quality, all while providing a pleasant buying experience. His ideals sparked the growth of his company into the largest network of franchise custom home builders nationwide, eventually leading to his induction into the Housing Hall of Fame among other illustrious career milestones.

Today, those same ideals form the bedrock of our luxury homebuilding company. We honor Art's legacy by maintaining a relentless focus on customer experience, bringing innovative home designs to life using the finest materials, luxury craftsmanship, and techniques. Our clients' visions serve as our ultimate inspiration, guiding each project.

As a constant innovator in the industry, AR Homes has access to top-tier building resources, state-of-the-art design and budgeting software, and a tireless drive to craft homes we would be proud to call our own. Choosing an AR Homes builder means working with a local expert whose understanding of the market and building practices is unparalleled. We believe in offering local expertise and maintaining relationships with local authorities, communities, vendors, and subcontractors for a superior building process.

We set the highest standards for craftsmanship. You can witness the quality of an AR Home firsthand in our model homes, which we proudly stand behind with a builder’s guarantee, assuring that your custom home will be built with an equal or even higher level of attention to detail and quality.

Our extensive collection of award-winning and fully customizable home designs is far from ordinary. Each design is architecturally distinctive, and with more than 300 designs spanning 2,000-7,000 square feet, the possibilities are boundless. We leverage cutting-edge design technology, with our team of designers working closely with our builders to generate plans you can virtually experience before construction begins, including 3D lot fits and walk-throughs.

We are dedicated to transparent pricing and have designed our proprietary estimating system to offer peace of mind by providing a firm price at the outset of the homebuilding process. It is this commitment to superior design, quality products, timelines, and fixed prices that allows us to offer competitive and accurate upfront pricing.

With AR Homes, building your custom home is an elevated experience. We are committed to providing attentive, personalized, and transparent service throughout the construction process. From planning your dream home to the completion, we strive to keep you inspired, excited, and informed every step of the way.

London Bay Homes

With a vision that embraces creating unparalleled lifestyles in some of Southwest Florida's most esteemed locations, London Bay Homes has become synonymous with luxury and quality. This story of excellence began when England natives, Mark and Gemma Wilson, founded the company in 1990.

From the onset, London Bay Homes' mission has been to build luxury residences with unmatched quality, design, and finishes. This commitment is manifested in their 'Private Label Living' brand promise, which ensures that each new residence perfectly reflects the distinctive tastes and individual personalities of its clients. This approach guarantees that every London Bay home is as unique as its owner, offering the ultimate luxury of a bespoke, tailored fit.

Fast forward to the present day, and London Bay Homes boasts a full spectrum of homebuilding, development, and design services. Their in-house team comprises interior designers, architects, and renovation specialists, who together craft homes that truly stand out. Their expertise and commitment to quality over the past three decades have earned London Bay Homes the reputation as a leading builder/developer in the Southwest Florida home market.

Their excellence hasn't gone unnoticed - they have been named America's Best Builder by Builder magazine, and their innovative designs and construction methods have garnered more than 450 industry awards. This recognition only affirms their status as a builder that prides itself on delivering unique, luxury residences that both reflect their clients' individuality and embody the very essence of high-end living.

Teakwood Builders

Over the last two decades, Teakwood Builders has made an indelible mark in the Capital Region building trades, earning the term of "Teakwood Touch" for their obsessive dedication to beauty and craftsmanship. Whenever you come across a Teakwood job, you don't even need to ask; the materials used and the meticulous attention to detail tell the whole story.

Under the guidance of president and owner, Jim Sasko, Teakwood Builders has set itself apart as the area's premier home building and remodeling specialist. The company's commitment to utilizing the most innovative design and building practices creates bespoke details that hark back to the artistry of a bygone era.

The Teakwood Touch has led to the restoration of historic homes in Saratoga Springs to their former glory. Lakeside bungalows on Lake George have been reimagined as idyllic retreats, and modest suburban tract houses have been transformed into distinctive homes, complete with built-in cabinetry and custom woodwork. New homes are crafted with the unique personalities and needs of the families who grace them in mind.

Teakwood Builders holds itself and the homes it crafts to incredibly high standards. Their goal is not just to fulfill your vision, but to exceed your expectations, taking your dream home to an exciting realm of possibilities. Every Teakwood project is carefully orchestrated to ensure the best possible value in design, construction, energy efficiency, and livability.

At Teakwood Builders, the building process is as rewarding and enjoyable as the finished product. This is achieved by fostering trust with open and consistent communication and mutual respect. Your home is not just a building; it is an investment in your future, your family, and your well-being. It is your haven, your retreat, and your space of comfort and happiness. Teakwood Builders, headquartered in historic Saratoga Springs and serving residents across several counties, are dedicated to making sure that you love your home even more.

Paradisa Homes

Paradisa Homes views each new build as a unique creation, mirroring the distinctiveness of the people who will eventually call it home. This luxury home builder is unwaveringly committed to designing and constructing spaces that evoke a deep sense of home for every client. The team at Paradisa Homes prioritizes excellence and integrity in every facet of their work, and their commitment to quality is so strong that they even engage third-party agents to inspect their workmanship.

When you purchase a home from Paradisa Homes, you're choosing more than just a house; you're opting for a builder who champions the values of comfort, quality, and craftsmanship. Every detail of your home is carefully considered and tailored to your unique needs. This commitment to personalization is part of what makes Paradisa Homes stand out in the luxury home building market.

Comfort is a cornerstone of Paradisa Homes' approach. Through advanced energy-efficient and low-maintenance features, they provide homeowners with the freedom to relax and enjoy their new homes without concern. These thoughtful design choices not only promote ease of living but also reflect a commitment to sustainability.

Quality is another non-negotiable for Paradisa Homes. They employ high-grade materials and superior workmanship to ensure both your safety and your home's longevity. Coupled with a strict inspection process, they uphold a gold standard of quality in every home they build.

Finally, Paradisa Homes takes pride in crafting homes that reflect both form and function. Their designs are elegant, adaptable to your needs, and showcase your unique personality. Their homes also make for excellent entertainment spaces, meaning that your Paradisa home is not just a place to live, but a place to thrive and create lasting memories.

Welcome Homes

Welcome Homes is on a mission to revolutionize the home-building industry. Recognizing that many existing homes on the market simply do not meet today's consumer expectations – whether due to outdated kitchen tiles, closed floor plans, or carpeted living rooms – they believe prospective homeowners deserve better. But traditionally, building a new home has been a convoluted, opaque, and expensive process. Welcome Homes is here to change that.

The team at Welcome Homes is betting on the transformative power of technology, innovative business models, and elevated design to unlock the potential of new home construction. Their goal? To become the best way to build a new home, delivering a home-building experience that not only meets but surpasses expectations.

The birth of Welcome Homes emerged from a deeply personal experience. The founder, after becoming a parent, began the search for a 'forever home' that would grow with their family. But like many contemporary buyers, they were consistently underwhelmed by what was on offer. Not content with settling, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Acting as a general contractor, they scouted land, handled permits, sourced materials, and coordinated construction to build their dream home.

Though they achieved their dream, they realized the process could be made much more accessible. Thus, Welcome Homes was born, with a vision to bring a 'better' home-building solution to everyone. The company encapsulates a spirit of innovation and dedication to quality, aiming to transform the home-building landscape by making the process as seamless, transparent, and enjoyable as possible.

Stone Creek Builders

Stone Creek Builders has set a new standard in the luxury home building industry with their innovative approach to project delivery. Not content with the status quo, this groundbreaking construction group has actively redefined the building process, creating a seamless, streamlined journey from conception to completion. They've done this by removing common inefficiencies that can cause delays and unnecessary costs, allowing them to consistently deliver the highest level of service and end product to their clients.

The success of Stone Creek Builders' projects is rooted in the firm's unique management structure. Unlike many construction companies where executive leadership is removed from the daily grind, Stone Creek principals are involved in each project from its inception to its final touches. This hands-on approach ensures that the executive management forms an integral part of the project team, resulting in a unified, dedicated group whose sole focus is the effective and efficient delivery of the client's dream home.

Their innovative, superior model extends beyond management to include the selection of Project Managers and Superintendents. Instead of assigning roles based on availability, as is common in traditional building organizations, Stone Creek Builders matches professionals to projects based on their specific skills. This tailored approach ensures that the team working on each project is perfectly suited to the task at hand.

Stone Creek Builders' unique approach to project development and delivery sets them apart in the industry. Their hands-on executives remain actively involved, their accumulated years of experience allowing for swift, accurate decision-making and problem-solving. This attention to detail, combined with their dedication to skill-matching and efficiency, sets Stone Creek Builders apart as a luxury home builder of the highest caliber.

Brush Arbor Homes

Brush Arbor Homes, a renowned luxury home builder, specializes in creating homes that are not just houses, but personal havens filled with unique features tailored to each homeowner's lifestyle and preferences. Picture this: hand-crafted wood floors that echo with warmth, unusual handrails that spark intrigue, and the most avant-garde features and fixtures inspired by progressive home design trends. These homes are designed to be timeless, able to evolve along with your family and stay relevant in our discerning real estate market. Every Brush Arbor home is a personal sanctuary, inviting you into calm, light-filled spaces that align perfectly with your lifestyle.

Established in 2006 by Jonathan Smith, Brush Arbor Homes has steadily grown to be recognized as a leading builder in the upscale Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas. Their commitment to quality and innovation has led them to not only meet industry standards but to redefine them.

In fact, Brush Arbor Homes was the first to construct a "modern farmhouse" in Arlington, a style that fuses the rustic charm of traditional farmhouse elements like shiplap, painted brick, and hand-scraped wood floors and beams, with the sleek allure of modern features such as Lucite and metal. This innovative design concept has not only set a new trend in the region but continues to inspire other builders. However, Brush Arbor's main focus is to inspire their homeowners. With the intent to continually set trends and push the boundaries of design, a Brush Arbor home doesn't just tell any story - it tells your unique story.

Custom One Homes

At Custom One Homes, they firmly believe that their rich history is the foundation for the beautiful futures they help design. This luxury home builder takes pride in not only building homes but also in building memorable moments for their clients. They are passionate problem solvers, embracing challenges that come their way during the home building process. From the first sketches of design to the final finishing touches, their team works relentlessly to take the burden off their clients, ensuring a stress-free experience that safeguards both the homeowners and their investments.

What distinguishes Custom One Homes is their unwavering commitment to delivering the dream home without the need for compromises. They're not in the business of making excuses or setting limits. Instead, when faced with obstacles, they lean on their vast experience and building science to execute agile and resilient craftsmanship. Their solutions-oriented approach means that no challenge is too great to overcome in the quest to build the perfect home.

With an impressive 40-year business history, Custom One Homes has built a sterling reputation that often leads to repeat partnerships with clients on multiple projects. Their dedicated team has consistently proven their ability to create homes that go beyond mere structures to become personal sanctuaries of comfort and style. Working with the established professionals at Custom One Homes truly means embracing limitless possibilities. If you're looking for a team to be in your corner and turn your dream home into reality, Custom One Homes has the experience, skill, and dedication you need.

Desert Star Construction

Desert Star Construction, often referred to as DSC, has become a beacon of excellence and integrity in Arizona's custom home industry. Building a home with DSC means that it's all about you - your hopes, your dreams, and your unique vision. Every day, Team DSC rises to the challenge of bringing your dream home to life. From the first sketch to the moment you step into your new home, and even beyond, they serve as the stewards of your most valuable assets - your time, budget, and peace of mind. This unwavering dedication to the client and their needs is what they call The DSC Standard®.

The term 'Leadership Architect' is much more than a title at Desert Star Construction; it's a responsibility they take seriously. They understand that creating outstanding architectural designs is about more than aesthetics; it's about ensuring every stakeholder from owners and architects, to interior designers, field team, office staff, trade contractors, and suppliers work in harmony to realize the project's objectives of budget, schedule, and quality.

As your Leadership Architect, DSC fosters an environment of trust, fostering open, honest, and direct communication amongst all involved. Their proven track record is testament to their ability to hold everyone accountable, ensuring that all aspects align with the client's vision and the project's specifications. With Desert Star Construction, you're not just building a house; you're crafting a personalized living experience marked by attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and, most importantly, a client-centered approach.

Hann Builders

Hann Builders, based in Houston, Texas, is a full-service custom home builder renowned for its superior craftsmanship and unparalleled service. Since their establishment in 1993, they've honed their skills and refined their processes to deliver impeccable homes tailored to the unique needs and desires of each client. Their commitment to perfection has not only earned them a multitude of awards but has also consistently resulted in highly satisfied customers.

The driving force behind Hann Builders is Stephen Hann, the President and founder. A graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio, Stephen holds degrees in both Business Administration and Construction Management. His impressive career began in commercial construction, where he managed the development of several multi-million dollar projects that have since become iconic features of the Houston skyline.

In 1988, Stephen joined Carmichael & Dame, then one of the leading luxury home builders in Houston. As Director of Operations when he left in 1993, Stephen had overseen $14 million in luxury home projects annually.

Stephen established Hann Builders in 1993, and in a short span of time, the company gained recognition as one of the premier high-end home builders and renovators in Houston and its surrounding counties of Montgomery and Fort Bend. Stephen's experience, combined with his passion for delivering homes of extraordinary quality, has cemented Hann Builders' reputation as a leader in luxury home construction.

Bella Custom Homes

Bella Custom Homes, an eminent luxury home builder, has been creating exceptional custom homes in Dallas since 1993. This esteemed organization, recognized for delivering unparalleled quality, takes immense pride in their commitment to absolute client satisfaction. Being a third-generation builder, Tony Visconti, the President of Bella Custom Homes, brings a personal touch to every project, crafting each residence as meticulously as he would his own. His wealth of knowledge, accumulated over years of experience, ensures the seamless creation of homes that flawlessly integrate stunning architecture with thoughtfully appointed interiors.

Distinguished by their dedication to client-specific needs, Tony Visconti and his Bella Custom Homes team go above and beyond to provide superior one-on-one service. Their unerring attention to detail and relentless pursuit of design excellence ensures every home they build is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The enduring mark of a Bella Custom Home is not just its striking aesthetics, but the exceptional quality standards maintained in every facet of the design and build process. From first sketch to final finish, the team's commitment to quality sets Bella Custom Homes apart in the realm of luxury home construction.

Mueller Homes

Mueller Homes, a prominent luxury home builder, is in the business of creating more than just high-end homes – they're crafting a personalized, unforgettable experience around the monumental task of building your custom luxury home. They firmly believe that this process, often a once-in-a-lifetime journey for many, should not only be a source of immense satisfaction and joy but also a cherished memory that brings a smile to your face, years down the line. With a three-decade-long legacy, Mueller Homes has perfected a distinctive approach to custom home building, offering a client concierge, dedicated project management teams, and elite craftsmen who work in tandem with your chosen architectural design team to bring your dream home to fruition.

However, at Mueller Homes, the beautiful design is merely the starting point of their meticulous process. They adhere to the philosophy that every striking design should be birthed from an intentional, collaborative development process, further polished through skilled handcrafting. Approaching each project with an aim to create a treasured experience for their clients, Mueller Homes transforms your unique vision into a tangible reality. This unwavering commitment to not just constructing luxury homes, but also nurturing a lasting relationship with their clients, sets Mueller Homes apart in the competitive landscape of luxury custom home building.

Silverleaf Homes

Silverleaf Realty, with its unrivaled understanding of luxury properties, has established a reputation for itself as a standout in the realm of luxury home building. The firm's exceptional expertise and profound focus on the luxury lifestyle, garnered since its inception in 2002, are unparalleled. They excel in understanding their discerning clientele's desires, knowing where to locate them, and expertly leveraging the best channels to reach out. Even though clients may work with a single associate, the collective strength of the entire Silverleaf Realty team stands steadfastly behind each individual, providing the highest level of service and dedication.

Comprised of seasoned, result-driven professionals who harbor a deep passion for real estate, the Silverleaf Realty team is characterized by their knowledge of the luxury home market and affluent community. Each team member is handpicked, bringing with them a combination of passion, proficiency, and energy that proves invaluable in delivering top-notch service that their clients deserve. From the time before the first roads were paved, Silverleaf Realty has been a vital part of the Silverleaf community. Their team is not just well-versed in the community's past and present, but is also deeply engaged with its future.

Positioning themselves as purveyors of lifestyle with real estate as a beneficial addition, Silverleaf Realty are experts in the realm of luxury real estate. Their location in the Silverleaf Sales and Information Center in Canyon Village in DC Ranch, offers them unique insights about the multitude of real estate opportunities and the rich lifestyle available in the area. Hence, whether you are a buyer or a seller seeking guidance in the Valley's most prestigious addresses, Silverleaf Realty's extensive knowledge and specialized experience make them the obvious choice.

Platt Builders

For over three decades, since its establishment in 1992, Platt Builders has been a name synonymous with high-caliber home remodeling and bespoke home construction. This reputable firm holds steadfast to its founder, Halsey Platt's ethos of doing things the right way, every time – a commitment reflected in their current day operations. Platt Builders is not just a company but a harmonious orchestra of skilled craftsmen and proficient professionals adept in project management, sales and marketing, and accounting.

Under the Platt umbrella, three esteemed brands operate – Platt Builders, Platt Cabinetry, and Prismatic Painting. These entities collectively share the success, values, and vision of the company. Their unified dedication to clients, projects, and each other is clearly demonstrated in the exceptional work they produce.

Platt Builders takes immense pride in their award-winning work, but their crowning achievements are the hundreds of satisfied clients whose homes they've had the honor to contribute to. Each home is a testament to their commitment to quality and their aptitude for fulfilling their client's vision. When you entrust your project to Platt Builders, you're not just hiring a builder; you're becoming a part of a family dedicated to craftsmanship and quality. The question they leave you with is, what can they build for you?

Toll Brothers

Founded in 1967, Toll Brothers has been etching its mark as the nation's premier builder of luxury homes. This award-winning Fortune 500 company, lauded for its unwavering commitment to quality and superior customer service, currently has construction operations spread across 24 states nationwide. As a publicly-owned company, Toll Brothers' common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TOL. It has been recognized as the World's Most Admired Homebuilder in Fortune magazine's 2023 survey of the World's Most Admired Companies®, an honor it has earned for the eighth time. Toll Brothers has also received the coveted Builder of the Year award from Builder magazine and is the first to be named Builder of the Year twice by Professional Builder magazine.

The key to Toll Brothers' success lies not just in the luxury homes they construct, but in the talented individuals they collaborate with. They believe in recruiting the best because, to be the best, one must work with the best. Toll Brothers also invest significantly in their employees, encouraging them to equally invest in themselves. They understand that passion for one's job doesn't always come from big, life-changing events but often sprouts in everyday moments, be it in accounting, architecture, hospitality, or customer service. At Toll Brothers, work is more than just a means to an end; it's a meaningful pursuit that instills a sense of pride and satisfaction in an environment that employees can be proud of.

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